Batman: Arkham City: Rocksteady Hints At Campaign DLC

NowGamer: More story-based adventures headed to Arkham City?

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Quagmire2373d ago ShowReplies(3)

Batman would completely DESTROY Nathan Drake in a fight.

ZombieAssassin2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Don't know why people would complain about this, not like they made it and are just holding off. From what my friends have told me AC has a pretty long campaign as it is. It's more content and as long as it's not overpriced it should be a win.

BabyTownFrolics2372d ago

I hope its in line with liberty city stories, maybe batman is incapacitated and Robing has to solve some problem and save him

SageHonor2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

:O... I'm so shocked *Sarcasm*

With all those preorder bonuses plus so many villains I had a feeling this would happen.

Aren't the publishers responsible for doing stuff like this?

Also, why would developers announce DLC around the time the game releases? Thats..... smart *sarcasm*

Edit: They didn't really announce anything anyway.

ZombieAssassin2372d ago

Well to answer your question about why devs announce DLC around release I THINK is because they want you to hold on to your copy.

Although like your edit says they didn't really announce anything.

SageHonor2372d ago

I see what you mean. That can be counter productive though. that could also cause people to not buy it at all or at least hold off on buying it