What Can We Expect From Grand Theft Auto V?

SG - In case you hadn’t noticed, small-time unknown publisher Rockstar Games announced relatively low-budget indie sequel Grand Theft Auto V yesterday, along with a date for the trailer: Wednesday November 2nd. Since this announcement, a Flash countdown has gone live on the site, an embedded version of which you see above.

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i dont know, lets try this. wait. and. see. god im glad ive grown up since i did this. dont get me wrong, im incredibly excited for the next GTA game since ive been playing everyone from the first one too much, but come on... lets. just. wait. and. see... ill be shutting up now.

GoldenPheasant2488d ago

...more fluff articles like these. Calm the f*** down and wait till next week.

warrior99882488d ago

i expect hookers alot of hookers

icecoldfire2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

mediocre gameplay, more prosti's with an interactive f*** mini-game, fake really high scores, another icenhancer mod to keep us playing till we're bored which is like 10 mins, UFO's and rocket flying and certainly more crap from rockstar games

P.S I take all the credit from this idea which will come true