Does Uncharted turn people psychotic?

Destructoid: Our very own Jordan Devore linked to this thread on NeoGAF last night, which is full to the brim with commentary about Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and the recently released reviews. Now, we had Chad Concelmo review the game because he knows the series very well and knocked it out of the park. Also -- Uncharted fans are a special breed of horrific.

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Orpheus2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Hehe :))

Dante1122373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Wonder why they didn't quote the Greg Miller rants from neogaf on his 10 score? I found that WAY more rougher since they were bringing up his ex wife and his marriage that didn't work out.

Here's the link

fear882373d ago

Jim Sterling. More predictable than a console fanboy.

miyamoto2372d ago

What makes the gamers raise their voices are the bloggers and the corrupted PR machinery that exists to this very day in the Us and UK domain of the Internet.

That's a real factruth not an opinion.

these bloggers and who ever their masterminds are found a gold mine in fanboyism and they exploit it to no end.

This kind of chos never existed during the Nintendo, Sega, Sony era.
Sure there were console preferences but not to this point. Gaming sites lost their credibility because they sold their souls to the god of money. its all about money now a days.

Now I have to rely on my own instinct and collective judgement to know if I will enjoy a particular game.

A-Glorious-Dawn2372d ago

"A gold mine in fanboyism"

Epic quote.

The stuff they said on neogaf disgusts me....

MsclMexican2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

It's not the game.... its the players.

But i kind of get the rage, I mean Eurogamer, Gamereactor denmark and some other site I have never heard of are dragging the meta score of Uncharted 3 down... and In this day and age people care about review scores.

Before reviews used to just help people make buying choices, as people always want an opinion, but reviewers control so much of what games sell well and what don't. Thanks to reviewers COD became the best selling game after the reception 4 got. Same with Halo, reviewers said it was the best reason to own a xbox.

But now stuff has elevated. We have metascore's, editiors choice, averages and the GOTY... the ultimate flame war debater.

Because of all this stuff, reviews practically make fanboys now... hell some people won't even play uncharted 3, but use it as an excuse as to why ps3 is better than 360. Both have strengths and weaknesses

It's not fair to call them crazy when these reviews have built up all these new flame wars and fanboys

I knew I would pick up Uncharted 3 when It was announced on the VGA's day one, and personally I feel it could win goty, or arkham city... im loving it right now.

But reviewers have to stop acting like they are surprised by the responses their reviews get

Also Battlefield fanboys are the most viscous, they will tear you to pieces if you think the game sucks

EDIT: Also to the guy who wrote this, don't be shocked with the response to "I never though uncharted was exceptional" comment.I don't want to see an article "Destructoid editor verbally attacked for thoughts on Uncharted 3... despite us giving it a 10" on N4G

frostyhat1232373d ago

I found this funny too! What do they expect its a ps3 exclusive, of course fanboys are going to be mad if you give it below a 9! This goes for all platforms, if its a exclusive fanboys will defend it no matter what!

MrBeatdown2373d ago

Someone found examples of fan idiocy on the internet!? Bah gawd! How can this be!?

DigitalRaptor2373d ago

I think Sterling should use his goddamn common sense and change the question to "Does Uncharted turn fanboys psychotic?"

Agheil2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Terrifying indeed lol these guys are the ones who need to relax LOL

Pintheshadows2373d ago

I'd happily murder someone to play it if that's what they mean.

mayberry2373d ago

id tongue kiss a sweaty homeless woman for the game!

SockeyBoy2373d ago

and you don't mean in the mouth either.

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