Rumor: Just Cause 3 Set for 2012

CVG: Just Cause 3 is in development and scheduled for release next year.

That's according to the latest issue of Xbox World magazine, which states in its latest rumour section: "Our spies say devs Avalanche are hard at work as we speak, and that it's set for release next year."

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EasilyTheBest2368d ago

I love Just Cause 2, I think its one of the most technically advanced games on the 360.
It doesnt get enough praise in my opinion.
Cant wait too see what JC3 will be like.

limewax2368d ago

Agreed and it goes beyond on PC too. Bokeh DoF and SSAO/GPU water simulation really took it that extra mile. For multiplat devs they are fantastic. They make sure to get the very best out of the consoles, and still find the time to add features they know won't be possible on the copies that will sell the most. It doesn't just show they work hard but they continue to take a huge interest in new technologies and apply it if they feel it would be beneficial.

Surprisingly a lot of devs don't do that now and are content to ride out the DX9 feature set for as long as they can

lastdual2368d ago

Yep, Just Cause 2 was a blast.

On the technical side of things, improved physics (imagine JC with euphoria...) and better detail on the close-range environments would be great.

But don't improve the voice acting! "So bad it's good" should be the standard for voice work in this series :)

Pintheshadows2368d ago

Good times. More upside down jet flying action is always a good thing.

Quagmire2368d ago

Upside down Jet-surfing into a cliff-side and then swan diving 200 feet before parachuting onto an unsuspecting military-boat driver and shooting him with a shotgun point-blank.

good times.

chak_2368d ago

loved the second, though it laked in some department.

Life less villages, not much interesting story/side story...

Could need more work, but globally it was immensly fun.

SageHonor2368d ago

True, I also thought there was some unbalance when it came to the environments. The mountains and deserts looked beautiful but the city banked district looked ugly when compared to them. I would like better main story missions and more interaction when it comes to other stuff!

OllieBoy2368d ago

Only thing I want different is a little more customization.

Other than that, the main focus of course should be blowing sh*t up!

TheBlackMask2368d ago

All they need to improve on is the lifeless locations in the map. I hope they can make the map even bigger in the third one but they need to work on other improvments first.

I hated aswell that even with the DLC you got with the limited edition you STILL had to buy it for the shop when you wanted to use it. They need to have a system where once you've unlocked something you can always go back to your safehouse and restock on items.

Oh and having easer egg stuff like unlocking the Batmobile and the Back to the Future delorean would be pretty awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.