Analyzing A Logo: Predictions For GTA V

DualShockers Staff writes, "Yesterday, the internet exploded with the news of the announcement of will undoubtedly be nothing but a teaser trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Even here at the site the majority of us let out one giant synchronized “f*ck yeah!” as soon as we saw the post go up. The image features the traditional GTA font we’ve come to know and love, but for the first time ever it also has an over-stylzed roman numeral for 5 — which is very similar to what you would find on American cash. With only that to go on, we took the time to make a couple of predictions as to what we think is going to take place in Rockstar’s next entry for the franchise. Check out our team’s thoughts below as well as a trip down Grand Theft Auto box art memory lane."

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ZeroOnyx2485d ago

There is no boxart or mention of GTA: London 1969. Also, the green kinda looks militaryish like american soldiers helmets.

Tuxedo_Mask2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

The green "V" is probably supposed to mimic the style of US dollars, although the current US Five Dollar Bill doesn't use Roman Numerals, this Five Dollar Silver Certificate, circa 1899, does. You'll also see the word "Five" on top of the Numeral in a similar way that it's presented in the new GTAV logo.

Ninferno2485d ago

I really hope that we're all wrong, and Rockstar surprises us bigtime with something completely wacky.

Lirky2485d ago

Guess what! i think i'm the only one who found out confirmation based on the Five and V logo where itll take place... But why? Its the home of where saints row franchise being built.

Gta V : Chicago, aka abraham lincolns senators residential state.

Its just my guess im sure if its during that time era it would be interesting if you can re-live the moments of lincolns assasination. Even possibly stop the assasination.

imbrawler2485d ago

yes Chicago would be great and new

JoelT2485d ago

But the GTA Series has never used real life cities. It's a parody of modern day life not the recreation of it.

Hufandpuf2485d ago

A rich casino owner getting taken down a notch and then has to make back up to the top?


i dont know, rockstar usually have you playing underdogs, as in you never had shit, heres your chance to get shit

EliteAssass1n2485d ago

I'm curious as to why "FIVE" is written across it. I think it has something to do with what's going to be in the game. 5 different unique areas, 5 playable characters? Just some food for thought.

Dee_912485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Its a US 5 dollar bill five
I was thinking how the hell cant people realize the V has something to do with money but I remember other countries have different currency