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Forza Motorsport is a game that is almost synchronous to racing on the Xbox consoles, just like Gran Turismo is for the Playstation. When the first Forza was released back in 2005 for the old Xbox it immediately made a big statement in the world of driving simulations. The game was received extremely well and had everything in it to make the heart of any motorist beat faster. Since then developer Turn 10 has perfected their Forza franchises in every way, but kept that core driving experience the same: realistic driving in realistic cars with realistic tuning and a massive amount of options to visually alter the look of cars. And now, with the introduction of Forza 4, Turn 10 is expanding this core driving experience with the most logical step to make things even more realistic: Kinect!

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memots2457d ago

Even more realistic with kinect?

Taz Yamauchi2457d ago

9/10 and a massive 500 000 copies sold worldwide

memots2457d ago

What does sales number and review have to do with kinect and forza? I like the game but kinect does not make forza more realistic.

EVILDEAD3602457d ago

Foeza 4's Kinect modes were never meant to bring more realism.just more fun

AutoVista, Arcade racing, Headtracking FTW

123Kinect..easily their most in-depth review yet. Wow they really stepped it up.

Kudos and keep up the good work.

We need the Kinect Sports: Second Season review from these guys as well.


JellyJelly2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

@memots - I think they are referring to headtracking with Kinect, which adds to making the experience feel more realistic.

@IRetrouk . I didn't know that. Sounds pretty crappy.

IRetrouk2457d ago

have you tried the headtracking? left and right movment only. and very limited at that, no up and down movement it sucks as much as gt5s headtracking did.

IRetrouk2456d ago

why so many disagrees? the headtracking is very limited, you can only move left and right, same as gt5 and in my opinion it adds very little, i have the game im on the last season in career, got about 130 odd cars so far, damn fanboys need to chill lol

mcstorm2457d ago

I like the hard tracking as it helps when looking on one side of the screen when going round a corner. but I do wish it tracked your head up and down as well. But that said I do love this game its the best racing game ive played this gen so far.