Famitsu Reveals New PlayStation Vita Specs

Alexa Ray writes, "Famitsu has released a few more tidbits on the Playstation Vita. Readers — we’re assuming potential buyers — submitted questions to the magazine and were rewarded with a good amount of information on the upcoming system."

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Macdg_12457d ago

vita will maybe make over 6 billion dollars

Studio-YaMi2456d ago

Am really hoping and wishing that it does better than the psp and the nds !

I have high hopes for this beastly system,let's see if it delivers >_< !

Me-Time2456d ago

hahaha that's a great estimate. You're one of those geniuses, aren't you?

I gave you THEE agree and a funny "bubble"

achmetha2456d ago

did you mean yen, or whatever it is?

Bull5hifT2456d ago

Getting mine for sure from play-asia with a 32 Gig and Uncharted for $700 ive always wanted Japanese Hardware, i dont think they would xcept Mickey Mouse Stuff,....Regular Japanese PS ViTA $399 , 32gig Stick $130, Uncharted $50 so im actually only getting charged $120 more than usual ... Soo not bad ill make $5,000ish at work during the time so its totally worth it and if the world ends in 2012 ill have a full year to play instead of 9 months

boommuffin2456d ago

@Bull5hifT wait uncharted is going to be a launch game for japan?

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MasterCornholio2457d ago

The vita is a beast of a machine which will do much better than the PSP.


Me-Time2456d ago

It will, for sure. It's revolutionary, considering the tech that goes into it.

HardCover2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

The Dreamcast was revolutionary, too...

PHOSADRA2456d ago

I think that the PSVita will have a better browser than PS3

cpayne932456d ago

Won't be all that hard to beat really.

maddfoxx2456d ago

So the vita isn't using memory sticks anymore? I hope Sony decides to go with a cheaper card for saving data. Memory sticks are easy to lose and they can be a little too pricey.

danny8182456d ago

its a good thing that memory cards are pricy and its sony branded meaning that they are making it hard to pirate and that psvita will be around for a long time

RevXM2456d ago

This article said that ps3 will be updated to suspport DVR features with the vita, does it mean that you could record ps3 gameplay with Vita?
The other way around would be aweseome as well.

Ps3 need a huge update imo.
New features, better browser, slicker look, better/faster ingame menu and the possibility to defrag the Hdd.
Yeah kind of off topic, but I think most agree.

Cant wait for the VITA!

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