Minecraft Exclusivity For Xbox 360, Unfair For PS3 Players?

Update: As Mojang confirmed its popular indie-game will remain exclusive on Xbox 360, some players may ask why is it not available on Playstation 3?

In case you have any suggestions, show us in your comments below.

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C_Menz2405d ago

They could just play it on PC where the better version will be. It's not like it takes a high end PC to run Minecraft.


agreed. very console has exclusives, get over it

Iroquois_Pliskin2405d ago

yes but minecraft deserves to be on all consoles! its so addictive


that is true, BUT uncharted deserves to be on every console too, so does halo and gears etc.

EVILDEAD3602405d ago

I'm not a PC gamer, but you would have to live under a rock not to have heard how good Witcher 2 and Minecraft were for the platform.

I think it's cool that 360 gamers are getting both of these titles. I look forward to both.

But at the end of the day, if your not a PC gamer and only own a PS3 there honestly doesnt seem like there isnt a chance that these will ultimately end up on the PS3 as well. Especially if both are very very successful on the 360.


badz1492404d ago

and 360 doesn't got LBP and 3D Dot Game Heroes either! big deal

caboose322404d ago

The 360 is running out of exclusives, so it has to take whats left of our pc exclusives.

Damn them!

TreMillz2404d ago

Unfair to PS3 players? Really now?... Don't understand what the hell is so special about minecraft...and to the incoming defenders..don't try I lost interest in Legos at the age of 3...

OmegaSlayer2404d ago

LOL Minecraft is such a system seller :p

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Harelgur2405d ago

Consoles ports are a joke.
Minecraft is a PC exclusive.

Hicken2404d ago

WAS. Your tense is a little... past.

_Aarix_2404d ago

Yeah because the graphics require some major horsepower /s

Kran2405d ago

Wait. Unfair for PS3 players?

While im a PS3/360 and PC player, Id say its good that Minecraft is on 360 and not the PS3.

Look at Microsoft. They barely do anything to get exclusives for gamers. If you have a PS3 and just a PS3, you get fantastic titles like Uncharted 3, God of War, more HD collections, Killzone and so forth.

Can't 360 players have some things PS3 players don't? Seriously. Talk about unfair. If PS3 players want Minecraft so bad, just play it on the PC.

-Mika-2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

It not our fault that they don't create quality exclusives for their console.

Kran2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I know that. But then it's not the gamers fault either, which is why its silly that people think its unfair that PS3 owners wont get Minecraft. They get so much.

xPhearR3dx2404d ago

Umm they do create quality exclusives for 360, there's just not that many compared to PS3. Doesn't really bother me though. Most of the games I really wanted to play this year were multiplatform anyway.

Silly gameAr2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I can take it or leave it. I could get it on 360, but I don't really buy much from the marketplace, and personally, I'm not that interested in Minecraft.

I don't think many PS3 owners will be to fussed about it and if they want to play it, it's on PC too right?

TheBlackMask2405d ago


It will come to the PS3 a year later after the exclusive deal wears off and by then all the bugs and improvments will be all fixed for the PS3.

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