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his city has become a madhouse.
Version tested PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.
Rocksteady takes the Dark Knight of Gotham to new heights of excellence. A cast of supporting actors and opponents rich rounds of one of the most successful games of recent months. As a player and collector of comic books have always been skeptical of proposals that meld the dynamics of video games with the narrative worlds of comics, particularly those of the superhero genre.
The examples in the course of many decades and almost all have been very successful, including some recent attempts such as Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and DC Universe Online. The first Batman: Arkham Asylum, however, was the proverbial exception that proves the rule. The winning elements, presented in Batman: Arkham City, are the first choice of a hero "urban" as Batman (which increases the level of realism and suspension of disbelief) combined with a very accurate technical realization.
These two elements combined with a stealth-oriented gameplay helped build what was perhaps the first successful tie-in in the history of videogames.

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