TGH: War of the Worlds Review reviews the brand new War of the Worlds XBLA and PSN title from Other Ocean and Tiny Rebel Studios.

Vaughn.H writes: H.G Wells groundbreaking novel has been made into a musical, a radio play, a film, remade again into a film, and has been turned into many games; literally there isn’t a media avenue that War of the Worlds hasn’t explored. So what makes this 2011 release so much better than the rest?

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ShadyDevil2309d ago

The game is not that bad it has a great art and story but the pacing is rather slow and the difficulty requires you to get everything down perfect.

lpfisher2309d ago

I'm kind of interested in this... a little bit. I'm just glad it stuck to the original story and has nothing to do with the newer movie *shudder*