New Dragon Quest X screenshots

Square Enix released new screenshots of Dragon Quest X.

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DA_SHREDDER2486d ago

Dragon Warrior is one of my favorite series of all time. But one thing that gets to me is how alot of the characters since DQ8 look like Dragon Ball Z characters. I know Hiro san is the same art director for both Dragon Warrior and Dragon Ball Z, but it really didn't change for the better. If anything they were on the right track before they went on and defiled everything that was good in the series. Among the things defiled are the Edrick and Zenithian sagas. They were really on to something special with both story bases, but then the next thing you know, Dragon Warrior 7 came out, and added absolutely nothing to the spirit of the series. Then came the artwork of 8, and thus the Draconian saga was made, and had yet to live up to the previous tales and lore. Dragon Warrior 1-4 were the ultimate. I played 6 and wasn't that impressed, though at least was better than anything that came out on console since.

However, I never tried the DS games, but I highly doubt they live up to the standards of the previous games, I can just tell by looking at the vids online, the soul of Dragon Warrior was sucked out by corporate greed, and now the series is only a shadow of its former self.

BTW, I heard that this game is gonna have online. What is the point of having anything online if you can't talk to each other?? It still hasn't made sense to me after all these years and legions of games that come out with online but offer nothing short of incompetence when it comes to communication online. I just seen a Mario Kart 7 interview, and they are adding online, still using some type of 13 digit code. And it's so hilarious, every 3DS has a mic and camera. When I bought it I was automatically assuming the 3DS was gonna have online voice chat, oh boy was I wrong. Thats why I wonder if the WiiU is gonna be another technological failure? Don't get wrong, I love Nintendo, but they are dupes when it comes to community features. Man I wish someone with some sense had some authority to fix this whole mess.

VampiricDragon2486d ago

The game is basically a constantly online dq IX just better

it isnt an mmorpg, thats clear now