GTA 5: Does Dan Houser Interview Hold Clues?

NowGamer: Recent Dan Houser quotes hint at GTA 5 ideas.

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TimmyShire2488d ago

It's interesting to gather all these clues together. No real confirmation of anything just yet, but everyone loves a bit of speculation. Least this is Dan Houser offering some clues prior to the GTA V announcement.

skyward2488d ago

It'll definitely be set in L.A. and make fun of the financial crisis - no other subject is big enough for GTA.

TimmyShire2488d ago

That would be good. I think I'd like that setting, but I'd like it to be in the modern era again. No 80s or 90s please.

Pintheshadows2488d ago

You mean Los Santos right? Right?

zireno2488d ago


You do know that the 80's and 90's are modern times right?

Coffin872488d ago

He says that it will most likely stay in the US - here we go with London.

Look at this:
I LOVE the idea of a native american. You start in a reservoir and go somewhere else.
Imagine the start of a GTA game somewhere in a desert-like setting, with today's graphics.
Imagine getting into the big city the first time ..... how they (R*) could introduce their city .. possibilities are endless.
Imagine, best of all, a San Andreas - like setting. I would LOVE me a big desert.

DeadManMcCarthy2488d ago

washington d.c is also a strong candidate not in terms of popularity but clues.

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Dee_912488d ago

I say we find him
And we beat the clues out of him !!
Lets cause a massive riot until the trailer next week !!

ugh u guys are such kill joys

hqgamez2488d ago

Did anyone notice how the V on gta5 looks.
It was from a 5 dollar bill an (Indian 5 dollar U.S. bill) look it up.
GTA been known for stereotypes, but when Indians have money why is that?
Hello People, Casinos!!
Um Las Vegas anyone?

Mr PS32488d ago

It holds many clues
But i'm not gonna share em with ya

TheBlackMask2488d ago

Why would it take place in the real city of L.A when other past GTA games have used locations BASED on real life cities.

Basicaly it wouldn't be L.A it would be Los Santos.

I'm kind of hoping though it will be set in Vice City fist, although they need to make it bigger and adding extra farr away islands is the only way to do that. Plus they could add a huge main land city aswell.

skyward2488d ago

When I said L.A., I meant a fictional version, like Los Santos. Could be awesome with current-gen tech.

i_da_pappy2488d ago

I would rather see them make their own world than to copy real landmarks

brettyd2488d ago

I'm going with modern day San Andreas, makes sense. That was the best location of any GTA game. Hopefully they have as many diverse locations.

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