Media Create hardware sales (10/17 - 10/23)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Ddouble2490d ago

New colour doing wonders for the 3DS and we haven't even hit the holidays yet

PS3 looking to stabilise around 25K but not for long since the holidays are round the corner.

PSP is decent but Type-0 is out in Japan so it should see a boost next week.

PS2... Immortality

Khordchange2489d ago

I really wonder why the 3DS is selling well...I mean where are the games(I know they are coming, but still..)?

Mario0072489d ago

same price as the ds, compatible with ds games, the games that are already out, games that are on the 3ds, the fact that you can watch 3d videos...those are all factors that people consider (but mainly the same price argument is the most important one)

bahabeast86192489d ago

it cost $169 i almost wana buy one. if the vita wasnt coming out soon i would hav deffinately bought a 3ds

VampiricDragon2489d ago

Alot of games have already been released in japan. ALOT of them.

bahabeast86192489d ago

ps2 giving 360 run for its money. :)

AWBrawler2489d ago

well that will definitely make up for the gap in America. 3DS is killing it!

Darth Stewie2489d ago

Damn the PS3 is the most expensive home console and its outselling both the Wii and 360 combined. Great numbers for the 3DS and the old king PS2 just won't die.I bet the 360 will be discontinued in Japan before the PS2. Long live the king.