The Atlantis of the Sands: the real myth behind Uncharted 3 writes:

"Every great archaeological adventure is based around a real legend. The Holy Grail, The Ark of the Covenant, El Dorado, Atlantis, and Shambhala are all recurring locations and treasures for adventurers like Indiana Jones, Robert Langdon, Lara Croft, and of course Nathan Drake. In books, movies, and video games, these famous myths give a great starting off point, allowing for twists on the established preconceptions to make the story more interesting."

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OllieBoy2337d ago

I'm getting really excited for the story in this. Seems like the most interesting one in the series.


There is someone who already spoiled the entire game months ago. AKyemeni is the one who put all the story after the OP. Don't read it, but believe me, it is the whole story:

GamersRulz2336d ago

its so nice of you providing a link with a megaspoiler /s

Dead_Cell2336d ago

He told you what it was when giving you the link, it's your choice to spoil it or not.

Mrmagnumman3572336d ago

"The historical accuracy of the bible is poor at best" Seriously ? Its the oldest book, and is the only idea we have of part of the past, certain things that were only in the bible, have since been proven to be truth- aka dead sea scrolls, sodom and gomorra, its also the only thing that can explain our past and origin. Anyways just think its a dumb statement since our nation was founded on it... Also, Uncharted 3 GOTY

GTRrocker2336d ago

America is a secular country, sorry try again.

JBaby3432336d ago

I laughed at that too. It's amazing how people still doubt even though the Bible has been found consistent and historically accurate time and time again to point that experts have had to retract previous beliefs about historical events after new evidence discovered confirms what the Bible says. It's even been authorized as a bibliographical resource now in academic studies and papers.

@ above: Unfortunately you are exactly right. How far America has fallen the farther it moves away from Biblical teaching. Funny how people wonder why things are getting worse yet completely miss the writing on the wall (pun intended).

eldeladi2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

The same way you guys ignored the Quran, the main source of this story, and only referred to the bible as being doubted in the article, is similar to the author's dissing on the historical credibility of both holy texts.
I'm Muslim and I'm appalled as to how people only pick and choose from the Quran as if it is just a mere book about tales and myths. It's more than that It talked about the big bang and the expanding universe and much important things that concern humans and their destiny.
The way it is ignored reminds me of how the PS3 was ignored as opposed to the 360.

Mrmagnumman3572336d ago

sorry, im not muslim, so i didn't mention it because i dont know much about the Quran.

eldeladi2336d ago

Stories like that of 'Ad are told in the Quran as lessons for the believers not as entertainment.
I just listened to this youtube video about these people of 'Ad. It starts with the verses of the quran (recited & translated), then delves into more details in English