New XIII game is an 'interactive story'

New info about XIII: Lost Identity. First screenshots also revealed.

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earbus2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I never finished the first game may have to dig it out ,i remember the australian release had merrik and rosso as guest stars in the game radio comedians.

A7XEric2455d ago

I'm so pissed about this. XIII was great, almost had a Goldeneye sort of feel to it. I wish more than anything we got a real sequel.

cochise3132455d ago

XIII was Awesome. one of my favorite fps. I remember playing it online ; it was only like three people on lol. I believe it ended with a cliff hanger

sonicsidewinder2455d ago

The fps was so good.

This is looking more point and click. Aint a bad thing but it's quite a switch.