After sales spike Amazon issues another Xbox 360 4G Kinect Bundle $50 credit

The Xbox 360, 4G Kinect Bundle promotion apparently did so well last month that Amazon has decided to do it again for a limited time. No word yet on how long the promotion will last.

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from the beach2309d ago

Great time to buy it, I reckon, amid a swarm of new games now and ahead of the really big stuff next year.

Jobesy2309d ago

The great time to buy it would be after Thanksgiving.

barb_wire2309d ago

Well I know that for Black Friday, Radio Shack will be having

PS3 160GB Holiday Bundle with $20 gift card - $199.99


4GB 360 Slim with Kinect - $199.99

Killzoned2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Sucks that amazon UK doesn't give these type of offers, Otherwise I would have had an Xbox 360 myself

ScubaSteve12309d ago

are they getting rid of the 4gb for clearance purposes