Why do so many gamers hate cut-scenes?

It's becoming a tedious, knee-jerk response to dismiss almost any game if it contains hours of expository, non-interactive cut-scenes to tell a story as the player progresses. But why do so many gamers and games developers hate on cut-scenes?

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PimpHandHappy2337d ago

i dig em

If you skip em then your not really into the story and the game has failed you

NukaCola2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

I don't hate cutscenes but if you fail something after a long cutscene, its annoying when you have to watch it again and you cant skip it. I always think they should be skippable on the second try or playthrough or after you see it once.

PimpHandHappy2337d ago

i would agree and i also think that is the case most times... You can skip em after you seen it once

BushLitter2337d ago

I agree about the unskippable cut scenes part. That can become very tedious.

I never knew that players hate cut-scenes in general though.

Baka-akaB2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Cutscenes arent even per se the most annoying parts , obviously especially if skippable ... what's aggravating truly , is not being able to skip quickly the phases surrounding them .

How many times have we been stuck in the follow pattern :

- big text (or also with voice over) dialogue sequence , be it narrative or tutorialish , that you can't avoid , only accelerate via mashing , however many times you've played the game already .

- then cutscenes that's now usually skippable or at least shorter than the above .

- then again a dialogue text sequence you can't skip .

OmegaSlayer2337d ago

Stupid answer...
"We're gamers, not watchers" :p
I don't mind cutscenes, but sometimes they're really overdone.
And no, I don't mean MGS4...but Enslaved is overdone imho.

artynerd2337d ago

As long as the cutscene is under a minute, it's fine (unless it's the ending). I play games to PLAY them, not to pick up the controller for 20 minutes after 40 minutes of cutscenes *coughMGS4cough*

Games with super long cuscenes always seem to me like the game developers would rather make a movie. It just feels like a confused medium to tell a story, then play for a bit, sit back and watch a story that you have no control over, shoot a few badguys, watch some more interesting things you have no control over, and on and on.

Video games need to grow up, ditch the Hollywood envy/identity crisis and evolve into its real potential of truly interactive media. I want to CONTROL these cutscenes. If I want a great story, I'll watch a movie or read a book. When it comes to storytelling in CUTSCENE fashion, it's just video games trying to be something they're not. Leave classic storytelling to classic mediums. New, interactive stories can be told via video games.

Heavy Rain is a great example of video games hitting puberty and starting to realize their potential. We'll look back on Heavy Rain in a few years and laugh at how awkward it was, but acknowledge it was one of the first steps in the right direction of interactive storytelling, and not this oil & water combination of movies and simple gaming mechanics.

BeOneWithTheGun2337d ago

It's how I judge a game, actually. 75% of games I skip the cut scenes. The game play is usually satisfactory but good stories are hard to come by and fail to suck me in. The games that have done so are:

Uncharted series
Dark Souls (albeit very short ones)
Elder Scrolls series

Now that I think about it, FPS are typically the ones I skip...

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Spitfire_Riggz2337d ago

Yeah its usually all the non gamers who are always rapidly tapping buttons to start playing

BeOneWithTheGun2337d ago

I disagree. As a gamer, I am not excited about a game to watch computer generated scenes in which some lame story is laid out. I want to play the damn game. However, if the game is really, really good and does indeed have an awesome story I will watch them.

Same thing with previews. I usually skip them and I don't think that makes me a non-movier. they are just boring but once in a while, I see one and watch it and am glad I did. Just not that often.

Spitfire_Riggz2337d ago


You are comparing movie previews to video game cut scenes. Im sorry but that doesnt make sense. Previews are advertisements for different movies.

claterz2337d ago

I agree, but I also think the story should be integrated into the gameplay rather than making the gamers watch hours of cutscenes (I find it hard to sit through a 10 minute cutscene when I just wanna get on with playing the game!)

rezzah2337d ago

The game has failed them? Or have they failed the game?

badz1492337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

maybe because I play games for their stories! I even love simple cutscenes like in LEGO games too! they are fun to watch! bad cutscenes are another story though!

Pikajew2337d ago

The one at the begging of Okami is 20 minutes

Crystallis2337d ago

Same. I love them. Especially when they are done right. They tell the story.

BrianC62342337d ago

I like cutscenes but if I've already seen them I want a way to skip them. Sometimes you're forced to watch them. No game should force you to watch them.

egidem2337d ago

I personally love watching cutscenes as I care about the storyline as much as I care about the gameplay itself. A good game will have the best of both worlds.

The only time a cutscene should be skipped is if it's a long one AND you've just replayed/saw it.

I know of people who can't stand cutscenes. They start and immediately skip it, then have no idea what the gameplay is going to be like.

I do however hate it when cutscenes cannot be skipped or paused. Assassin's Creed 1 comes to mind - Starting a new game just so that I can go and collect all those flags is a pain, as I am forced to relieve every cutscene. I'm glad this was changed in later series though.

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GamersRulz2337d ago

Actually I don't hate em at all.

Quagmire2337d ago

Depends on how good the story is. Sometimes the story is so boring and/or generic that you just want to skip it and get to the gameplay already.

Hellsvacancy2337d ago

I dont mind cutscenes as long as it doesnt shorten the gameplay

I was rather pisssed that Deus Ex 3 didnt hav any cgi cutscenes like what was shown to advertise the game

egidem2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

It actually had both. Realtime cutscenes took place during conversations like ones where you were about to make a decision or choice.

It did have CGI cutscenes that could be skipped at any time. I believe these cutscenes were rendered using the game engine but not in real time. That would explain why they didn't look as good as the CGI cutscenes used to advertise the game.

superfranky2337d ago

i cant hate them
i like in-game cutscenes, but dislike low-res messy videos instead of them

superfranky2337d ago

Because in 9 out of 10 games they exist just for nothing. There is no interesting story in these games, no characters, no drama. They just do them because somebody told them that they must. And i often skip such cutscenes...but i rarely play such bad games anyway.

BushLitter2337d ago

Bayonetta... man those cutscenes were terrible! Just couldn't handle it. And everytime you go through Gates of Hell, they play the same cut scene again. Ridiculous

_Aarix_2336d ago

Ahem..start...skip movie.

GameTavern2337d ago

I hate em because they draw you out of the experience.

To me, a game is all about the interactive experience, and to sit there for any period of time while being spoon fed information is frustrating.

I likened it to watching a movie, then being told to flip through a page in a book to get back story while the movie freezes for you.

It removes you from the moment.

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