Call of Duty 4 not 'true HD'

The resolution clocks in at 600p, not the standard 720p.

Following the rather embarrassing debacle that was the revelation that Halo 3 doesn't run in true HD, it turns out that Call Of Duty 4 doesn't either.

As highlighted by Evil Avatar, a thread over at tech forums Beyond3D has highlighted that Call of Duty 4 doesn't run in 'true HD', which is the industry standard of 720p.

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Multigamer3742d ago

here we go, this should be interesting.

notice the other games for the ps3 that isnt true hd too, i think some of u were to quick to bash halo 3 now

Meus Renaissance3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I love Halo but the flagship title of each platform should be visually impressive if not the best. Halo 3 doesn't look that great in all honesty, especially when you compare it to even Call of Duty 4 which blows it away in almost every aspect except the lighting.

I remember the E3 2006 trailer for Halo 3, they said it was in-game engine. Master Chief was being compared to the likes of KillZone 2 and Gears of War in terms of visuals. There was a real buzz, and then the Beta came out and people dismissed that saying "its just a Beta, visuals will be better". Didn't come to fruition.

And yes I'm angry about how it turned out. It's still the same gameplay that made it a huge success, it's not like the developers would have tampered with that, but being on the 360 - knowing the visuals can look so much better - I have to wonder why Bungie and Microsoft didn't make that an issue. As far as I'm concerned, the criticism it got for that was justified.

The resolution issue with Halo was just a bit of irony. That's a different discussion to this, I feel, regarding the detail of the graphics that Infinity Award managed to deliver.

Evil0Angel3742d ago

bt i play multiplayer from time to time

Mr PS33742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Have you read the article and were does this say anything about the PS3?
Click on the Read full story and were does the link take you ? It takes you to Offical xbox magazine so correct me if im wrong this is an article about the xbox !! so were does your dumm ass get off on sayin
"notice the other games for the ps3 that isnt true hd too, i think some of u were to quick to bash halo 3 now" Sorry but i dont understand what your gettin at and once again were does it mention anything about the PS3 !!
And yes everybody that did'nt give a rats ass about halo was in there right to mention the resolution and have a good old laugh at halo and if this game runs at 600p then let em mention it again as the article says were did that other 120p go? Thats the question you should be askin
This is clearly an Xbox site and a question for the xbox!! absolutley nothing to do with the PS3!!


Oh sorry predator this question was aimed at multigamer and i'll say it again were in the article does it say anythin about the PS3 so take a look at his comment and you'll see what i'm gettin at and you wanna call me stupid take a look at your spellin dummy before you edit it!! Now go on and cry to someone else on how you can't stand fanboy's like i give a sh!t

predator3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

mr ps3, b4 u shout your mouth I suggest u read the whole article, go to the forums and look as you will see it, also if you cant be assed here is a link to what u can find in the forums:

now who looks stupid, cant stand fanboys like u

edit: at mr ps3 - whats not spelt right? also the article includes the source that it came from which is the forums. so my comment was right.

WilliamRLBaker3742d ago

you were owned so bad, Oh the ps3 isn't even mentioned oh it was? nah that still dont count!

Ju3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I still have a hard time believing, that PS3 games render anything less then the native line resolution. But, well, if it is, it is. I just can't imagine, that the additional y-scaler uses less bandwidth then rendering in native resolution. You'd need an extra frame and filters to scale those lines in SW on the PS3. So, OK, now you have X x 600 -> scaled to 1280x720. And you need one more frame buffer on a PS3 which already (according to rumors) has memory troubles already. That does not make sense to me at all. But, heck, if it is, then it is.
The HW scaler can only scale X resolution, and usually you will use a multiplier which can be linear interpolate (like even division of the target resolution). This one would not cost you any memory, AFAIK, because it is a "on the fly" feature (more like the 360 scaler). So, unless someone posts a link to the dev. clarifying those issues, I really have a hard time believing any of that BS.

(BTW: For R&C: It does not scale! It adds blank lines above and below (8 each), not really visible).

Edit: I got a disagree ? Don't just disagree. Convince me that I am wrong. I have no problem admitting I am wrong if your arguments are plausible.

Scrooge3742d ago

I dont care, I play the PC version which plays at whatever resolution I tell it too. Ha

barom3742d ago
Says "Ninja Gaiden Sigma has new bosses, improved enemies, and glorious 1080p graphics."

Your link says 1280x720p. I call bull. Marvel Ultimate Alliance runs at 1080p on PS3 and where's the 360? Were they afraid to show that the 360 was actually weaker? Or how about Virtua Tennis. The list is so full of crap, you stink just by reading it.

That said, I believe Call Of Duty 4 runs the same on both consoles.

predator3742d ago

well these guys at this forum do this for a living so ill go wit them and not gamepro thanks.

Lacarious3741d ago

especially when they've been working on it for 3+ years and were supposed to "get it right" only to come out with non HD graphics, stupid azz split screen idiocy and a campaign mode that made absolute no sense. In fact, they even had a level where you go up and down the same level 3 times. How freaking retarded and lazy is that?

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P4KY B3742d ago

So please just enjoy the game, its brilliant.

mighty_douche3742d ago

... theres far to much emphasis on numbers/ststa/figures lately.

question: does the game look sh!t hot?

answer: yes

conclusion: who gives a f*ck what res it happens to be.

ravinash3742d ago

If this article never came out, no one would have known.
Next time I sit down to play it I be doing just that...playing it, not getting out the ruler to count the pixals.

mesh13742d ago

1st day i played cod4 beta i knew something was odd i thougth maybe it wa sbecuase i was using a monitor but th textures o everything expecially in the mulip-layer player seem low reza game that shows a massive defference in rez compared to cod4 is asassins creed the game looks very sharp

skagrerrrr3742d ago

care if it runs on 600p, the game rocks.

Stop what you are doing...lets go gaming!

Multigamer3742d ago

bet u werent sayin that when u found out halo 3 runs at that huh?

skagrerrrr3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Sorry to disappoint.

i love rb6:vegas on the 360, one of the best shooters IMO.
i also play cod 4 on the 360

InMyOpinion3742d ago

Halo 3 wasn't 720p? I must have missed that article...I guess I was too busy PLAYING THE DAMN GAME!

There are tons of things more important than resolutions. Framerates for example.

PimpHandHappy3742d ago

if u care ur a tool

this game is the best looking FPS on what ever consele you own.

It blows Halo out of the water

PimpHandHappy3742d ago

maybe Unreal will look this good but time will tell. I dont think any FPS will look this good for a year or two

Meus Renaissance3742d ago

KillZone 2 will blow COD4 away. It already does and I'm confident it'll be released within the next 12 months so...