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Gaming is not compatible with real life

Gaming is a different world. Its dirtier, more fun and a lot more wild, but you don't want to bring it along to meet your future boss, or mother in law. (Culture, PC, PS3, PSP, Telkom Do Gaming)

ninjaman999  +   1303d ago
For some reason, I REALLY like this piece...
It gives a not-so-professional view on hardcore gamers fro the perspective of one.
It could have been better written but not so much better said
GrieverSoul  +   1303d ago
Great read!!
Perjoss  +   1303d ago
"The best part about gaming? Its anonymous, you can make an enemy, insult and threaten his parents with disembowelment and at the end of the day, no one cares, because you don't know him, he doesn't know you, you are just some dude on some server and nothing he says or does to you can do any sort of harm. In other words, there IS NO SAD PART"

I hate this attitude, people should really behave online a bit more like they would behave in real life. Insult people just because you can, and because there are no consequences?

I remember when I used to play Jedi Outcast online, in the saber duels people would walk up to each other and bow (there was no bow command but if you looked at the floor it looked like you were bowing) there was no game mechanic in place that forced you to do this, people just felt like being honorable, and it was very cool, imo.

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