The Home Prototype: Mainichi Issho (Video)

This game is basically the prototype of Home because inside, you can see Toro, the Sony Cat, re-arranging pictures, posters, furnitures, and even opening the fridge for a drink.

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Ikanago3959d ago

on the Japanese PSN store (also for PSP). I've tried but I can't seem to get it to work. It has to synchronize with the date and time on your console and stuff. The program never seems to do that correctly. Probably because I have an American PS3.

DrWan3959d ago

too bad a US version will never come out

Lord Anubis3959d ago

the game is quite old but it's silly to call it the prototype since its completely different. It's a nice interactive way to get news though.

zerolinkgannon3959d ago

If this year was 1970 maybe...xD