Gran Turismo 5 October update detailed

Gran Turismo 5 will get its October update on the 27th of this month - that's tomorrow! - and producer Kaz Yamauchi has been dropping the details ahead of its release.

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Pintheshadows2337d ago

Way to support your game Polyphony.

That isn't sarcasm by the way. I feel the need to point that out on N4G.

Me-Time2337d ago ShowReplies(2)
Akth8r2337d ago

The support is great but i don't like the sound of that 'Family Upgrade' it should be free or else that would be ridiclulous.

PirateThom2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

It is free to anyone who bought or picks up the DLC.

Akth8r2336d ago

Thanks for clarifying that. Now my brothers can use the DLC.

TBM2337d ago

Yesterday i downloaded the dlc and had an issue with it not working. Did anyone have this problem? i thought it didn't download at first so i downloaded it again only to be charged for a second purchase. I called Sony told them what happened and they knew of the issue, well they refunded the second charge and when i checked GT5 this morning to see if it worked it was there. well i ended up getting the dlc twice for one price. There was 30 cars in the delivery truck when i installed the dlc this morning lol.

If anyone wants some free cars im willing to gift them if they didn't get the dlc if they let me. Gamertag aceman108.

keep the support coming PD true professionals in my book.

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