Assassin's Creed Reviewed by Pocket-lint

Pocket-lint: "Hype can sometimes be a ridiculous thing. Especially in the games industry. A few gorgeous looking mocked-up screenshots can sometimes be enough to send us salivating like Scarlet Johannsen just appeared stark naked on your living room sofa. We can but dream.

Assassin's Creed is one of such hyped titles. We've been drip fed the odd clip here, a screenshot or two there, and all the critics have been treating it as it's the rebirth of gaming itself.

So the 'Metal Gear Solid in olden times' sneak-a-thon finally arrives, and you know what? It's not quite as good as we'd all hoped.

Assassins Creed isn't quite the freedom based 'kill your target however you like' title we'd all been hoping for. Yes, it might be based on despatching various targets just like Hitman, but unlike that classic series, Assassin's Creeds strict structure leaves you a little cold".

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PimpHandHappy3890d ago

for about 2-3 hours and then i went and got Uncharted and played that 6-7 hours. It took my time from AC but i plan on getting back into it in a couple weeks after i unlock all the stuff in Uncharted

to the point

I really like the idea of AC. I like the feeling of walking around these old citys. They tell me the citys are real. That is how they would have looked back in that day. That is really where i love this game. The gameplay thou is a bit slow and boring.

My review

Looks awesome

ugggg its easy

replay value=7
i myself will waste some time just looking for the flags

i give AC a 7.5

gamesblow3889d ago

Assassins Creed is everything wrong with gaming today... Gaming as a whole and gaming in the media. The hype the mags built and the company "ubi-soft" kept feeding everyone was too much for them to go back on their word. I'm sorry, Assassins Creed is the biggest abomination I think I've played, for the simple reasoning of it being so hyped.

Sure other games are worse... Conan for the nes, for instance... But I'm sure it wasn't ever hyped as being the end all be all.

Assassins Creed is a failure in the eyes of many gamers and only idiots who buy into the hype will actually think they got a good deal out of their 60 bucks. The mags & sites, like I said, had no other choice but to start handing out 9's and 9'5's to this puddle of pig Pi$$... If they didn't then they'd have to answer for why they touted it as being so great for nearly 2 years now.

Assassins Creed is garbage, folks. Utter Garbage. Buy Uncharted if you own a ps3 and leave this one alone.. If you own a 360, get Mass Effect. Both are the equivalent to Assassins Creed, only.... These games are actually good and live up to their hype and namesake.

picker3323889d ago

can you tell me what the point is to help citizens & collect flag's?
Just wondring that's all.

Peace Out!

picker3323889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

One more thing.
I am still curious how many people who are buying this game.
I mean they fixed all the bug's(or we did)but that dusn't make the game any better!
Sure it's real history and good or awesome graphic if i may say so my self,lol,But too repetitive!!!
It would be nice to have co-op,then it would sell little bit more...
Not that i care about them but just pointed that out...hint,hint.

Peace Out!

marionz3889d ago

well the video review was more then enough reason to make me want to buy this game