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quote: "Is this really the end? Epic has given us the third game in the Gears of War franchise and from the sounds of it; it’s the end of Marcus Fenix’s arc. Well, if that’s true then Marcus’s story has gone out with a satisfying ending in Epic’s latest third person shooter.

Gears of War 3 has Marcus and his band of merry men, and now women, two years after you flooded ole Jacinto and you all are now living on the island of Vectes. Marcus has now grown a beard and a love of radishes it seems. It’s not long in the game before the Lambent infected Locust attack and you’re on your way to saving the world from Myrrah and her horde. Along the way you’ll find out more about Marcus’s father as the story is mainly Marcus’s search for his dad and finally the elimination of both the Locust and Lambent."

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