'Gears of War 3' Horde Command Pack interview: Epic talks what's in the new DLC

Digital Spy writes: "Gears of War 3's launch has been a massive success, securing universal critical acclaim and edging the Xbox 360 franchise over the golden $1 billion sales mark in the process. Of course, Epic Games isn't done quite yet. The studio is hard at work on post-release support, starting with the Horde Command Pack DLC launching next week. We chat to lead level designer Jim Brown about why it chose to focus on the fan-favourite co-operative mode, and how the new fortification types work."

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sickshot692459d ago

Definitely answered some question i still had in mind

Systematrix2459d ago

Sounds like that season pass is gonna pay off.

jetlian2459d ago

you'd think they would have a video for it by now.