Daytona USA XBLA Quick Review

Casually Hardcore gives a quick review on Daytona USA on XBLA and PSN. Is it worth buying? It sure is!

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earbus2459d ago

Was this the game that used to have people singing rolling start before you raced ?.The picture just reminds me of it id like to know what game had that i used to lol at it.

CasuallyHardcore2459d ago

It sure is, the first track is a Rolling Start and has the song playing in the background.

Drewminati2459d ago

played this morning.. Roooollllllling sttaaaaart,

Some sick times on the leader boards

otherZinc2459d ago

Is this the only game?

Does it include the Dreamcast version
Does it include Daytona 2
Does it include Championship Edition?

What? I want it bad but...

Der_Kommandant2459d ago

This was the reason i bought a Saturn back in 95

contra1572459d ago

Shame the saturn version did not look as good as the arcade

pucpop2458d ago

I may have to pick up a console just for this game. My favourite arcade racer.

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