Mass Effect Review by ZT Game Domain (10/10, Classic)

ZT Game Domain reviewer on Mass Effect:

"All of these elements blend together perfectly to deliver the most cinematic gaming experience since Metal Gear Solid on the PSOne. MGS was the only other game that I have played that I felt like I was actually playing a movie. I really can't say enough good things about Mass Effect. If you liked KotOR then you owe it to yourself to check out Bioware's new benchmark. If you like science fiction movies, or political dramas, then you need to play this game. You won't be disappointed!"

+ Terrific Story
+ Excellent Characters
+ Beautiful Graphics

- Squad mates are sometimes questionable
- You can't land on every planet…including Earth?!

Editor's Rating: 10, Classic

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gamesR4fun3775d ago

man I dont get these reviews at all
its a decent game but not to mention the major bug on this title is just rude. But Im guessing this guy never really played the game too busy cashing his M$ check.

ktchong3775d ago

Mass Effect has glitches that do not affect break the game: frame rate, load time.

Assassin's Creed that's causing PS3 to freeze, crash and lock up -- now those are bugs. Those things DO break the game.

gamesR4fun3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

i dunno about that TRP I mean the frame rates so bad enemies seem to teleport rather than walk... and the load times do take away from the enjoyment of the game. Worst ting is the game looks and feels half finished has a result but the fact is its just asking too much from the hardware.

Has for AC I noticed lots of reviewers that didnt mention the glitches either and has a gamer I got to say it sucks. All I really want form a review site is an honest description of the game b4 I spend my cash....

ps the 360 version of Ac is even glitchier than the ps3 one my dad bought it and says he cant play it because its freezing up all the time and he gets weird glitches in game not to mention the longer load times...

socomnick3775d ago

The Frame rate in mass effect is fine I only seen it stutter a little in a giant lava level. The load times aren't that bad but who knew space had so many elevators.

Hatchetforce3774d ago

A game isn't broken when one of the most vaunted features doesn't work? Please. The frame rate does stutter...alot.

The character models could use a lesson from Ninja Theory, and your team mates - something harped on - are complete idiots.

WIIIS13774d ago

It is obvious that gamesR4fun hasn't played either Mass Effect or Assassin's Creed on 360.

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zonetrooper53775d ago

Man I really want Mass Effect but I have no money. =(

mesh13775d ago

ANOTHER 10/10 AND im getting it tommorw LONDON FTW BIG BLUNTS ready for mass effect even my girl freind is excited of mass effct tommorw is gonna be a good day trolls

Danja3775d ago

so im gessing you'll be off N4G the whole day 2morrw...then 2morrow shall be a good less troll

Whoooop3775d ago

All the crap you've been posting and you don't even own the game??...

fanboys are priceless...

Ri0tSquad3775d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

lol too funny.

lmfao @360sucks

Hatchetforce3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

The game is good but you shouldn't talk it up. It has it's faults. Squad combat is annoying because your allies can be on the stupid side.

There is nothing like firing from behind cover and having a team member come and stand on the outside of the cover, exposed, getting killed while they block your view. This sort of idiocy happens in the game...a lot.

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Charlie26883775d ago

Ill be enjoying his once it arrives in the mail :)

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