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Mass Effect Review by ZT Game Domain (10/10, Classic)

ZT Game Domain reviewer on Mass Effect:

"All of these elements blend together perfectly to deliver the most cinematic gaming experience since Metal Gear Solid on the PSOne. MGS was the only other game that I have played that I felt like I was actually playing a movie. I really can't say enough good things about Mass Effect. If you liked KotOR then you owe it to yourself to check out Bioware's new benchmark. If you like science fiction movies, or political dramas, then you need to play this game. You won't be disappointed!"

+ Terrific Story
+ Excellent Characters
+ Beautiful Graphics

- Squad mates are sometimes questionable
- You can't land on every planet…including Earth?!

Editor's Rating: 10, Classic (Mass Effect, Xbox 360)
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gamesR4fun  +   2926d ago
man I dont get these reviews at all
its a decent game but not to mention the major bug on this title is just rude. But Im guessing this guy never really played the game too busy cashing his M$ check.
ktchong  +   2926d ago
Mass Effect has glitches that do not affect break the game: frame rate, load time.

Assassin's Creed that's causing PS3 to freeze, crash and lock up -- now those are bugs. Those things DO break the game.
gamesR4fun  +   2926d ago
i dunno about that TRP I mean the frame rates so bad enemies seem to teleport rather than walk... and the load times do take away from the enjoyment of the game. Worst ting is the game looks and feels half finished has a result but the fact is its just asking too much from the hardware.

Has for AC I noticed lots of reviewers that didnt mention the glitches either and has a gamer I got to say it sucks. All I really want form a review site is an honest description of the game b4 I spend my cash....

ps the 360 version of Ac is even glitchier than the ps3 one my dad bought it and says he cant play it because its freezing up all the time and he gets weird glitches in game not to mention the longer load times...
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socomnick  +   2926d ago
The Frame rate in mass effect is fine I only seen it stutter a little in a giant lava level. The load times aren't that bad but who knew space had so many elevators.
Hatchetforce  +   2926d ago
A game isn't broken when one of the most vaunted features doesn't work? Please. The frame rate does stutter...alot.

The character models could use a lesson from Ninja Theory, and your team mates - something harped on - are complete idiots.
WIIIS1  +   2925d ago
It is obvious that gamesR4fun hasn't played either Mass Effect or Assassin's Creed on 360.
skagrerrrr  +   2926d ago
Mass Effect!
zonetrooper5  +   2926d ago
Man I really want Mass Effect but I have no money. =(
mesh1  +   2926d ago
ANOTHER 10/10 AND im getting it tommorw LONDON FTW BIG BLUNTS ready for mass effect even my girl freind is excited of mass effct tommorw is gonna be a good day trolls
Danja  +   2926d ago
so im gessing you'll be off N4G the whole day 2morrw...then 2morrow shall be a good day..one less troll
Whoooop  +   2926d ago
All the crap you've been posting and you don't even own the game??...

fanboys are priceless...
Ri0tSquad  +   2926d ago
lol too funny.

lmfao @360sucks
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Hatchetforce  +   2926d ago
The game is good but you shouldn't talk it up. It has it's faults. Squad combat is annoying because your allies can be on the stupid side.

There is nothing like firing from behind cover and having a team member come and stand on the outside of the cover, exposed, getting killed while they block your view. This sort of idiocy happens in the game...a lot.
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360sucks  +   2926d ago
i got some mass effect 4 your girl
Charlie2688  +   2926d ago
Ill be enjoying his once it arrives in the mail :)
Slayer OP  +   2926d ago
It just came out. How is it a classic?
AllroundGamer  +   2926d ago
they probably mean classic - bribed review :)
Hatchetforce  +   2926d ago
It is a really good title. But a 10? No. Too many areas a texture pop in, too many people to whom you walk up to and you can't even get a "I don't have time to speak to you." It affects the immersion. If you sit with the game for an hor you will find plenty of issues that stop it from being a 10. Don't get wrong, it is a game well worth the price. But there are too many areas where this graphical powerhouse is over run by other games.

What is really funny is they call the game a 10 and then list the game's faults.
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razer  +   2926d ago
A great review for a 360 game and it's full of nothing but Sony knob slobbers! How surprising!! Why don't you commentors stop bashing this game and go play one of your "perfect" titles on the PS3. Jesus, you guys must have no life to sit here all day long and bash things. How about you just all STFU for once and not comment if this game is such a flawed mess your comments aren't even needed..

I agree the texture pop-ins are lame, the stream loading can cause some hiccups.. But no more than Oblivion which was GOTY and a freakin great game as this game is.
Hatchetforce  +   2925d ago
You act as if there is nothing wrong with the game when a simple trip to the forums art xbox.com will prove otherwise. Slobbing a knob? That is what you are doing my blind fellating friend.
Professor Chaos  +   2925d ago
I am the reviewer
Ummmmm, Just to set the record straight I received no money from Microsoft for this review. I didnt even get the game for free. I did however get it a week early from Kmart and I played it all the way through. If you dont beleive me check my acheivements. (magneto24) Also, all of these bugs that I have heard a lot of people talk about, I never once experienced in my game.
gamesR4fun  +   2925d ago
So what you get a flawless version of the game while the rest of us got the glitchy one
Guys dont believe this fud or the fan boys go and check the xbox forums on this game and see for yourself. Anyone who really plays it will tell you the framerate issues are insane and many more issues that will affect your enjoyment of this title.... Not to mention the driving sucks large (cant aim up down on the gun makes enemies tough to get and its soo slow....)
power of Green  +   2925d ago
Only a hater would talk sh*t about some small ass issues with loading the owners fo the game don't even mind Oblivion and GOW earned high scores because the quality of the game made small issuses pointless.

If its not one thing its another with haters.

Sony fanboys their reasoning is like tring to convince people that are able to afford high end cars not to buy a High performance sports car because they're gas/texture guzzlers.
JokesOnYou  +   2925d ago
typical sonykids, Excellent 360 review= bias, Poor/Avg 360 review= yep this review is correct
well since sonykids keep crying about ME and every other highly rated 360 exclusive, I'll just post the same comment too:

Typical Loser Mentality=

G4tv R&C review 5/5= "yeah see xbots we told you R&C was the best"

G4tv ME review 5/5= "f*ck G4, Adam is biased"

Gamespot R&C review 7.5= "well I stopped listening to Gamespit a long time ago, they're all 360 fanboys"

Gamespot ME review 8.5= "yeah see we told you xbots this game isnt anywhere near AAA, GOTY quality ha ha look at that score"

this is your typical sonykid, dont believe me go back and look at the comments for each individual review posted on n4g, sonykids want it both ways, if its a low review for a 360 game its "fair", if its a low review for a ps3 game its "biased", who does this behavior remind you of? yep about a 5yr old kid,

simple childish defense mechanism:

Accept any Praise, Reject any Criticism= deflect/blame someone else whenever things don't go your way,

bottom line is overall 360 just has better games, and definitely the best top notch rated exclusives, its the general opinion on the street/word of mouth, many many gamers are more impressed with 360 games compared to ps3 so far, at least thats what I hear in general on the subject of gaming, ME is just another blockbuster game adding weight to that general opinion, but nah sonykids will swear to you that its impossible because nothing is worthy of praise unless it has the ps3 logo on it, Lair is proof of this mentality, first reviews said it was a huge dissapointment, they attack the reviewers creditability, only later to find out that Lair was indeed by most standards a very big dissapointment, they simply defend it because it had the ps logo on it, nothing more. Shadowrun, Two Worlds and others which I can't think of turned out to be garbage for the 360 and most reviews reflected this, yet 360 fans simply took it like men, the game sucks, oh well, no big deal it happens. See the difference, sonykids are THE MOST pathetic bunch I have ever seen, grow up, stick out your chest, walk around like you have a "pair", but pa pa please for the sake of your testosterone levels, be a MAN and stop crying like little girls.

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Mr Marbles  +   2925d ago
Everything you said was 100% correct, PS3 kids these days are the worse gaming fans in history and are becoming the bane of the industry. Media outlets can't be honest about anything Sony negative and have to sugar coat everything for fear of an outcry buy moronic sony fanboys.

Out of work EA Chicago developers had to come out and defend themselves because all these sony worshipping stupid kids were saying that they deserved to be laid off, and their families deserved hard times just because Sony made a POS useless console that is so backwards to program for that no one can make money doing so at the level of 360 programming.

It really is sad, these kids deserve the PS3 and the disaster that it is, they really do.
socomnick  +   2925d ago
The way sony kids act on this site embarrassing. Because of their actions I am never buying a sony console ever.
InMyOpinion  +   2925d ago
As for the squad combat issues. I command my squad a lot, tell them where to go etc. and I've had no big problems whatsoever. If I point them to take cover behind a rock or container one guards the left side and the other one the right. Which is cool. Lots of b!tching about this amazing game.
shadowfox6  +   2925d ago
What is happening in the videogames world these days??
I have all 3 consoles (ps3,wii & 360...I am not a fanboy of any) yeterday I bought AC,COD4& mass effect for 360 & uncharted for ps3. I have been playing for almost 20 yrs. if the videogame community,sites & magazines continued their stupid reviews it will be bad for us gamers that we'll be getting worse games every year.

AC is an ambitious game but suffers from little mistakes 8,5 review will be good for it. uncharted is amazing it shouldnt get less than 9. COD4 is fine same game as cod 2 & 3, then comes mass effect I dont know if I have the same copy as those reviewers who gave it above 4, some even gave 10 PERFECT. this game is broken no matter on what console it just sucks I am a fan of rpgs & american rpgs but this game is just sad. If I am going to address all its problems 2 hours wont be enough. Best game this year I played is honestly Super Mario Galaxy.

Please, gamers unite to stop bad games & their perfct reviews.
gamesR4fun  +   2925d ago
Amen brother
Got a 360 and ps3 meself and Ill admit to being more partial to me ps3 but games are number 1. (thats why I bought a 360 too)
Seeing a game with issues like this get a perfect score is such a let down. Any reviewer who gave this a 10 and didnt mention the glitches should be boycotted. End of story
Reviewers are supposed to tell us what were in for b4 we slap down hard earned money if they cant be honest and impartial... let them rot.

@ the disagree so what your saying is you want reviewers to lie to you for their own gain...
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