inFamous: Festival of Blood (DLC) Review | Kikoo

Kikoo: "Bloody and brutal addition to the inFamous 2 has just arrived. Cole McGrath is fighting for his fate and the fate of the entire New Marais not allowing them to manipulate, while also finishing off the hordes of others like him."

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2489d ago
lorianguy2489d ago

Can this be run as a standalone game or do you need Infamous 2?

Gamer30002489d ago

no need for infamous 2
but if you ask me
infamous 2 was awesome you need to buy it

lorianguy2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Thanks Gamer and CZUM, much appreciated ;) Help bubbles all around!

I'll go and buy Infamous 2 anyway based on your recommendation. The first one was great.

CZUM2489d ago

Yea it's standalone. U don't need inF2 to play it. All you have to do is buy inFamous: Festival of Blood and enjoy the game.

sorceror1712489d ago

Have to go to work today. Gotta wait until I get home to mess with it. Grrr.

CZUM2489d ago

Too bad dude cuz' it's worth to stay home and play.