OXM: 8 things we already know about GTA5

OXM UK: "At last, it's coming. Three years after GTA IV, Rockstar has fired up the hype machine for a sequel by revealing... the logo. And absolutely nothing else. We're getting the first trailer in a little over a week - which means a whole seven days of rampant speculation lie ahead, followed by another few months' worth when said trailer inevitably proves to be a beautifully-soundtracked tease. Allow us to kick things off with eight things that we will say with confidence about our next trip around Rockstar North's beautifully-crafted world."

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8 things we already know about GTA V:
- it will be released
- it will have a green V
- it will have a trailer
- it will sell
- it will have a story
- it will be called Grand Theft Auto
- it will be a Rockstar Games game
- it will have guns
(and maybe hookers...)

LackTrue4K2487d ago

lol....this whole list is stuff they go off gossip?! i trust more Ripskatedestroy, comment then the web sites!

HappyGaming2487d ago

1. It won't be set in the UK
2. It will be set in Hollywood
3. It'll do multiplayer really well
4. It'll be all about the money
5. It (probably) won't use LA Noire's facial tech
6. It'll arrive in March 2013 Basic maths
7. You'll (probably) play as a cop
8. It'll have Xbox exclusive DLC

1987dave2487d ago

There reasoning for it having a Hollywood setting is that they already have the maps from L.A Noire so they can just use them, why would they set a new game in the exact same place as a game they released 5 months ago. How is it basic maths that the game will be out in march 2013, in the past rockstar have released a trailer a year before the game comes out, and how would it make financial sense to launch after xmas, dont get me wrong GTA will sell no matter what date its released on, but surely you would want to cash in on christmas as every other GTA game has done with the exception of the last as that was delayed, but originally scheduled for October i think.