Bonus Round with Jade Raymond: Part Two

The next generation of games are here and Assassin's Creed leads the charge. Producer Jade Raymond takes you inside the development of the game. What was left on the plans that couldn't be added into the final game? Was it a challenge working for the next-gen platforms (Storage/memory)? It was a PlayStation exclusive, what happened?

Plus, Jade lets it slip there will be a sequel. Find out all on this weeks Bonus Round.


Spoilers in the video.

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Meus Renaissance3960d ago

I called it. Last week I said they wanted to add Co-Op to the game, here she says "we wanted to do that with the first one". Sequel confirmed?

Skerj3960d ago

Sequel's been confirmed since before this one came out, it's a trilogy.

Meus Renaissance3960d ago

I..I..I knew that, I was just, um, testing if you knew that. Which you do. Well done.

Skerj3960d ago

Hooray I passed a test!! And it wasn't a paternity test \o/

Gamespot-equals-EGM3960d ago

Never heard of her. But she's pretty cute, this girl needs to be in the public eye a little more.

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sjaakiejj3960d ago

You should add to the article that a spoiler is included in this video.

picker3323960d ago

Too bad they put co-op aside,would be awesome!

360Jamaican40GigFL3960d ago

y is he always smiling like a fruit

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The story is too old to be commented.