Shank – Why Rape?

The Average Gamer talked to Shank's creative director Jeff Agala about the decisions behind the story in Shank and Shank 2.

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wallis2399d ago

It's in movies and novels like no tomorrow, so why not video games?

I understand it's not a nice pill to swallow but that's not an artist's job. If you don't like a rape scene then congratulations, you're normal. Sometimes a storyline has to touch upon nasty things to achieve something. Unfortunately it's a part of life and it's a part of our culture. Maybe instead of throwing our toys down everytime rape pops up in a game we should realize that we're just furthering the issues games when being recognized as an art form.

How many movies revolve entirely around rape? More importantly how many movies revolve entirely around a single explicit rape scene? How come something like sexual assault and rape can be featured in novels, plays, movies and music and no one bats an eyelid but when it appears in games, EVEN GAMERS, get upset.

Pintheshadows2399d ago

Have you seen Last House on the Left? It has a horrific rape scene. I found it a bit much to be honest. The thing is to a certain extent sex is still a taboo subject in most media so rape will most definately be frowned upon. By gamers as well.

enfestid2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

The problem with your comment is you're ignoring the fact that we're only looking at Shank 2, not other games or forms of media.

The developer quoted in the story even states that they handled the rape storyline poorly. If you can't handle an aspect of a storyline well, you shouldn't have it in your story at all -- especially an issue as sensitive as rape.

There are very few movies that "revolve entirely around a single explicit rape scene," and generally the movies that do rely on that sort of shock factor are utterly horrible movies. I'm not saying there aren't movies, books, and other forms of entertainment that address rape in an adult manner, but that doesn't mean that the overall use of rape in a storyline is well executed.

ATi_Elite2399d ago

it only goes to show how much of a mainstream medium that video games have become. No one can deny the artistic form of games and now they are just a way to tell a story like cinema, print, and theater!

Rape is always a touchy subject but the more people that see the agony and negative emotional effects of rape and are educated on it's horrible effects then maybe the chances of REAL life rape will decrease.......

except in COD were Spawn rape occurs daily and don't act like you never did it before for cheap kills ;p