Video Game Characters You Would Like To Date | 7BitArcade

We ask our writers to come clean on which computer game characters have moistened their wares throughout their gaming careers.

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7bitarcade2459d ago

So gamers, who are your guilty secrets?

Spitfire_Riggz2459d ago

Chun Li is on my hit it and quit it list =0 though she would probably hit me back

JadedWriter2459d ago

Ada Wong or Rinoa from FFVIII, probably Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles...this could be a rather long list...lots of brunettes.

news4geeks2459d ago

Zoe Castillo from dreamfall please :p

LightofDarkness2459d ago

That chick with the massive boobies from SiN. Although I wouldn't want to date her, per se...

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