Beauty and the beast: Battlefield 3 [360 Review]

IncGamers: Even prior to its release, Battlefield 3 has succeeded in ramping up the modern combat FPS vs. modern combat FPS excitement in a way Homefront, Medal of Honor or even Battlefield: Bad Company 2 failed to do. Given the pre-order numbers and insane levels of hype, Battlefield 3 is already a runaway success… a King Kong to Call of Duty’s Godzilla.

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iamironman2429d ago

ummm.... putting on my fanboy protection hat now...

StanLee2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Hype train, derailed! This is what happens when you base your expectations of a game solely on hype with rose tinted, fanboy glasses.

Bobbytheblobby2429d ago

destructiod 7.5/10
incgamers 7/10

the not-paid-for reviews are starting to arrive... finally.

JeffGUNZ2429d ago

Yeah, I mean on PC this game is probably an 8-9 easily, but on consoles it's a 7-8. I just feel completely underwhelmed. The game mechanics, the controls, the feelings, is identical to all other DICE made games and feels identical to BC2. Not saying it's a BAD thing, but the fun factor with battlefield has never really rivaled COD and this game surely won't do so either.

Bobbytheblobby2429d ago

cod aint the best game ever but it does manage to give fans what they want from it

badz1492429d ago

they keep selling basically the same game for 5 years running now lol!

BF3 will never offer the same experience as CoD! 16v16 in a large maps will never be as fast paced as 9v9 in small maps where you can throw grenades from side to side!

JeffGUNZ2429d ago

I don't think COD is the best game ever, I do think COD4 was one of the best FPS to date, but I get the same feel with BF series that I do with COD. They just feel repetitive. I do give credit to DICE for upgrading the engine and what not, but these sequels are all growing stale.

JellyJelly2429d ago

Can't wait for the completely unfinanced MW3 reviews to arrive /s

AllroundGamer2429d ago

lol nice one :) there won't be such reviews, where do you think they put all the money they made from the COD franchise? (and it definitely isn't for making new engine that's for sure...) ;)

iamnsuperman2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Finally a reviewer that is counting all three aspects and not just having one aspect rule the review. "Only one of its three core elements (single player, co-op and multiplayer) is worth your time, the other two feeling as though they’ve been added merely to increase the number of potential bullet points on the back of the box." It is important that all element represent in the score. Its like reviewing a product that has problems but giving it 9/10 because one part of it is excellent.

edit: @below I think it would. Because it is the package. It might have lost a point here and there for no single player aspect but the product as a whole would have got a better score because the product as a whole is better because their weakest feature isn't there

Clayman2429d ago

So you think the game would have scored better without any single-player?

pr0digyZA2429d ago

Considering only the bad company games have had a SP it isn't that bad, just not revolutionary (prefer the SP to homefront for instance). I remember when the game was announced many people were upset that there was going to be a SP mode.

Chuk52429d ago

What about Bethesda games? Fallout 3 in particular had poor combat, super-glitchy and had a lacking main story yet received 9s and 10s.

spenn20102429d ago

LOL some people do't have the patience to play a non COD type of game. That's OK leave the pure FPS's to the big boys while you drool over inflated reviews of COD games. BTW both of the sites you mentioned above are terrible. Also a 7.5 from destructiod is equivalent to a 9 from most sites. The multiplayer alone gets 9.5 from me, Its perfect for adult gamers and not so great for kids who suffer from ADHD so stick to COD and if not interested in the BF series stop reading and commenting on the reviews from shit sites such as this.

naded2429d ago

It's fanboys like you that give other people who are actually dedicated to their game, a bad rap. Nobody was talking about COD to begin with, you just kind of brought it up. I love COD but I am definitely willing to give BF3 a chance. I was actually kind of looking forward to the BF campaign, as that was what EA heavily promoted through commercials and such.

I was kind of disappointed to hear that BF has a "bleh" campaign to be quite honest. I know that I, and a lot of my friends, aren't rooting for BF to lose any kind of way. Please keep your ignorant stereotypes to yourself. They are completely unfounded.

Bobbytheblobby2429d ago

both of those sites do sweet reviews. they dont bullsh*t like other sites and theyre not scared to tell the truth about a game. stop crying coz the game youve been looking forward to didnt get 10/10 everywhere.

youve been sucked in my the hype machine. well done dude, EA worked their magic on you.

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Fishy Fingers2429d ago

7/10, must be reviewing the console version.

NuclearDuke2429d ago

You think so when the title says [360 review]


Fishy Fingers2429d ago

Just taking the p***, I know I know, Internet, computer games, this is serious stuff. My apologise.

BushLitter2429d ago

Yes, it does say that in the heading

Goozex2429d ago

Probably because of the multiple discs. Wonder whAt they Will gave the ps3 and pc version.

Trenta272429d ago

I hate seeing games get downgraded because they are on more then one dvd. We are a long ways in the console lifecycle. By the end of this consoles genreation, almost all games could possibly be on more then one dvd.

BushLitter2429d ago

'One section of Battefield 3 is so linear that I died four times trying to stab the same enemy from behind. It turns out that you’re supposed to sprint up to him and stab him, if you move too slowly you’re guy simply dies. What does he die of? Heart attack? Spontaneous combustion? Bordeom?'

This made me laugh

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