Uncharted 3 Full TV Ad

Watch the Full TV Ad video of Uncharted 3.

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clearelite2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Looks great and after watching it again it is even better. Hopefully there will be more that highlight some other scenes and amazing gameplay as well. As a gamer, nothing sells me like a good gameplay sequence, however, i don't buy games based on advertisements.

@jwatt, I figured this was probably a European commercial as well.

jwatt2458d ago

I think this is the UK version but I hope the U.S version is more like the launch trailer.

TheBlackMask2458d ago

Why is it when we do a TV advert we always choose the most horriable music to fit the thing were advertising...compared to the amazing adrenaline pumping american launch trailer.

The Music just dosen't fit the clips at all....we don't seem to put any effort into the game were advertising.

All you had to do Sony was change the $ to £ and were to get the game from to GAME from Gamestop. Is it that hard

ginsunuva2458d ago

Those zoom ins were bad. And they didn't even show most of the good scenes!

Michael-Jackson2458d ago

Bad ad. Why? because it contains mostly outdated footage. All these scenes have been revised and updated.

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