Heavy Rain 'Virtual Reality' glasses will now also be used in real life by the CSI

In the PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain one of the main characters was an agent. For his investigations he used a very unique glasses that gave him a lot of interesting information. Glasses for the far future in real life you would think. But apparently, people will soon be using these glasses in real life.

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Kingsora2486d ago

Actually if you think about it, not only will this be insanely cool. It will help making such investigations so much easier.

Can't wait to see everyone using them in tv shows.

Septic2486d ago

Can they just use this now so we don't have to watch the bloody Michael Jackson trial on tv constantly?!

ZombieAssassin2486d ago

Dood...he's dead I don't think a trial is really needed...although yea maybe the "victims" will want some money.

princejb1342486d ago

i think they already exist, is called vuzix

but dam there expensive, they cost $5000

gamer2342486d ago

heavy rain is the future of gaming

THC CELL2486d ago

We will see this glasses our self for gaming and a mobile phone at some point

a_bro2486d ago Show
supremacy2486d ago

Now imagine the xmb working like those glasses, psn would something to reckon with.

Kingsora2486d ago

PS4 999,99 dollar confirmed!

Baka-akaB2486d ago

well would be a bargain with such glasses :p

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