PS3 Phone Features Microsoft Operating System & Plays Nintendo Games

Via Ripten:

"That's right folks, wrap your minds around this - a phone that features Playstation buttons, has a Microsoft Windows operating system, and plays Nintendo games. Confused yet? How about the fact that the phone was made in "Koera" - No, that's not a typo, that's what is printed on the phone."

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Vip3r3892d ago

What make it that? Seems dodgy to me.

smart_head3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Do you really think Sony would do this to their phone? That is, call it PS3 Phone, have it run a Microsoft OS, and run Nintendo games on it. I think not. This phone is a local Korean product, just like the many ridiculously designed mini PS3 "consoles" with built-in screen available in many Asian countries.

If you look carefully at the pic that shows "Made in Koera" the text below it is perhaps Korean? That's what it seems like to me. Can someone confirm?

TriggerHappy3892d ago

That phone up there has no relation to Sony. It is made by a different company which have no relation to Sony.

Nostradavis3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )


"That phone up there has no relation to Sony. It is made by a different company which have no relation to Sony."

I did not, nor does my title, ever mention SONY. You are correct, it is made by a different company, and if you read it you would see that your statement makes no sense.


wind_dragon3892d ago

where is that? lol.
ntw thats chinese type, with what seem like a korean rounded/clean typing style...but the writing is definately chinese.

artman3892d ago

only china can do like this. Korean have higher pride to do something like this.

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monkey nuts3892d ago

If you read the article about half way through it informs the reader that the ps3 phone is "very much illegal". Although not reading the article and then posting about it could be viewed as ....criminal ? perhaps..?

Nostradavis3892d ago

Thank you for having common sense Monkey Nuts. Have a bubble and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Skerj3892d ago

Hah I got an HTC phone (best phones EVER), they can run emus from Windows Mobile 6. KOF and MvC on your phone ftw.

Bnet3433892d ago

but Sony and Microsoft use each other things. Like Sony Vioa computers have Windows OS and MS use I think sony tech in the PC hardware

Rowe3892d ago

just looks like a poor atempt at a scaled down psp


I mostly agree... But you have to give it some credit, they have a camera, maintain PS buttons on position, big screen... Is Sony can make something like that, with a touchscreen (even to numbers, don't need number buttons physically) and a UMD driver (I still prefer my games on physic media, and would be compatible with PSP games anyway) without make it bigger, it's after all some good design.

But yes, hardware configuration straight, this is a very toned down rip off...

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