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It may be well hidden and show very little new footage, but while we’re all waiting for Capcom and Ninja Theory to release a story trailer for their new Devil May Cry title, footage showing slightly more of the world and Dante’s new personality can be seen in the video from Tokyo Game Show.

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Pozzle2486d ago

"There’s not much to go on, but Dante’s personality seems very similar to that of his Devil May Cry 3 persona"

How can you tell? The footage is half a minute long and doesn't show anything besides Dante walking in slow motion with some emo-rock crap playing over the video.

It really goes to show how awkward the marketing for this game is when the highlight of the video is a guy walking in slow motion. :/

dark-hollow2486d ago

The funny thing that the japanese video on youtube got more thumbs !!!
Come on capcom!! Even your japanese fanbase are disapproving this shit!

Oldman1002486d ago

You two having similar avatars is somewhat amusing.

zerocrossing2486d ago

Lol! Id like just one example of how this joke they're calling the new Dante, is even remotely similar to the much loved icon that is DMC3's Dante.

I'll say it again, why is this game still being maid? pretty much the whole original fanbase despise it, do they actually think this new direction will appeal to the masses of gamers that never played the original franchise?

JohnnyMann4202486d ago

True Dante my ass.

All I see is the same crankhead that we saw months ago.

Baka-akaB2486d ago

This meth head got nothing true dante about him

Heartnet2486d ago

Tbh i just hate when people keep going on about how they want a new game in the series and when they get one they moan like hell about how its not exactly the same as the previous title...

if u want the exact same game go back to bloody playing that game and stop moaning!

Tony P2486d ago

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's what people want.

zerocrossing2486d ago

Im all for a reboot, but this looks like a joke.

What's the point of rebooting a franchise to end up with less of a fanbase than the original had? DMC was niche to begin with, this mite just kill the franchise off and I like many others don't want to see that happen.

Pozzle2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

When people said they wanted DMC5, they wanted a continuation of the current series. Possibly more development on Vergil or something on Sparta. Not a complete reboot made by a different dev with different characters/story/gameplay/etc.

It would be no different than fans asking for, say, a new Uncharted game and ending up with some hot mess starring a long-haired blonde Drake who's a rockstar instead of an adventurer.

Is it really that hard to understand why fans might be pissed off?

Heartnet2486d ago

Yeh because this guy when compared side to side has literally all the same facial features as the original dante!! hes literally just got black hair so people are already writing it off cause of that small change...

If drake looked like that but the gameplay and story was still as solid as previous titles id enjoyed, i wouldnt be complaining lol...

and Different Developer shudnt matter.. Ninja Theory are a solid developer with 2 great games in their libary.. (although they can be a little cocky :L)...

Id just hate people bashing a game because their character looks ever so slightly different so there like OMGZ NOOO.... If it was the same old dante with the same old moves and same old weapons etc etc it would get boring and the franchise would eventually get lame...

Bringing in change is what the industry needs and especaially if a new dev is developing a a already exisiting franchise

Kyosuke_Sanada2486d ago

Yeah, change is awesome check out what happened Socom 4 when they threw their classic concept and went with a brand new gameplay mechanic.

But seriously change isn't always needed especially when it comes to a series that was already so well-known. What is needed here is true evolution.

For example, when I heard that NT was going to have a hand on the series I was really excited in the beginning because even though I love the original Devil May Cry series, their story execution needed a bit more fine tuning. Heavenly Sword showed how great their cinematic impact can be and coupled with the already over top action would be a match made in heaven. Their art direction also would have been a great addition as well but instead of making the perfect fusion of ideas, it ended up being a lethal takeover which may scar the once loved Dante for years to come.

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