BloodRayne writer recalls the sideshow that is Uwe Boll

A documentary entitled Tales from the Script was released. It gathered a number of high-profile and lesser-known screenwriters to share their industry experiences, and among the guests was Guinevere Turner, the writer of such films as American Psycho and Go Fish. She also wrote Uwe Boll's BloodRayne...sort of. She describes her time on the project and lavishes praise upon Boll for his pleasant professionalism and open development schedule...

Hell no! She can't stand the f*cker! She sent a first draft -- a first draft -- of the script to Boll in the hopes of gathering feedback for the necessary revision, but he was all like, "Nope! This is the tits! We're going with what we have!" Then he cut 80% of the material and had the actors fill in the blank space like a big ol' Mad Libs. I'm surprised that Ms. Turner could sit through the interview without frothing at the mouth.

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Trenta272459d ago

Uwe Boll needs to be assassinated or something. He's a freakin idiot.

reznik_zerosum2459d ago

gamers don't deserve better than him or M.Bay

DarkBlood2459d ago

Uwe Boll sounds like some kind of special diarrhea disorder

JadedWriter2459d ago

You mean to tell me that hunk of dog shit cost $25 million dollars!!!!!????

jerethdagryphon2459d ago

what he does is take advantage of a law that guentees investors there money back if a film flops thats why he doesnt care about what goes on the screen

earbus2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Wow the farcry movie was so bad it was almost troma,but its so bad its good hysterical lols,im a big fan of z grade horror and movies.Love to have a toxic avenger game or attack of the killer tomatoes ha ha.

Pintheshadows2459d ago

Hello fun insult friend.

But George, you promised me whales! Farcry is worth it just for that scene.

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