Sony - PSN maintenance tomorrow

Sony has announced planned PSN maintenance for this coming thursday.

There will be a routine PSN maintenance between 02:00 and 08:00 UK time. PS Network services may be intermittent for some users.

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JellyJelly2485d ago

Same day as Battlefield 3 releases in Europe. Great timing.

theonlylolking2485d ago

They want to make sure you guys play story mode first then have a great time in MP.

Tanir2485d ago

thats fine i have work 6am-12pm, school 12:30-3, work 3:15-6pm, and school 6:30-9:30pm tommorow so im good lol

MaxMurdoch2484d ago

quit both its not worth it.

Tanir2484d ago

LOL. i need money to buy more games and get married, and need school so i can make even more money to buy a house and have a sweet gaming room :D

MaxMurdoch2484d ago

lol well at least you are a real gamer ill give you that. working non stop for a gaming room. pretty funny.

red2tango2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

There is no access to PSN store or registration but you can play online still.