Is The Xbox 360 a min-spec PC?

360 Magazine: More and more games require an installation, so what’s the difference between an Xbox 360 and a PC?

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Biglet2490d ago

What's the difference between a giraffe and a donkey? A house and a chair? A six-pack of Bud and a fossilised T-Rex thigh bone? My inane analogies and someone who can't be bothered to read the article this links to?

JhawkFootball062490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Those analogies are spot on, kinda like whats the difference between you and a smart person?

Why even post if you're not even going to read the article?

guitarded772490d ago

Minimum spec... maybe. Maximum fun... for sure.

Lazy_Sunday2490d ago

It's really funny to read the article, because it is a 360mag, it completely omits the existence of the PS3.

Raoh2490d ago

makes it even funnier when scea has the work computer in it.

ran linux on ps2 and pc as a low end pc.

when the xbox's can not.

slayorofgods2490d ago

I always thought of the xbox 360 as a pc gaming device that could be hooked up to a tv. Sure there are a few 360 exclusive games and the ability to stream media such as netflix as well. But overall, the games released on the xbox felt and were pc games, i.e. wrpg's / shooters.

I think alot of people enjoy the ease of being able to play games without upgrading of worrying about ever buying a gpu. A lot of anti pc gamers simply never even attempt to buy a graphics card at all. So, the 360 is simply easier to start gaming on.

However, if you have the knowledge of installing gpu's, hands down pc gaming is better.

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InNomeDiDio2490d ago

It's Microsoft ... what did ya expect? A coffee machine?

IrishAssa2490d ago

it would certainly be a cooler machine

Perjoss2490d ago

coffee machines are nice, but you cant play Forza on them

IrishAssa2490d ago

Nah I mean in it won't melt itself

sashimi2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

It can't play Forza but it can help you stay awake while playing forza :P

superfranky2490d ago

i dont know why any self-respectful gamer should stick to this gen consoles anymore
for good price you can get so much more in terms of visuals on pc

SH0CKW4VE2490d ago

I agree with everything except the visuals part.

You get so much more than simply better visuals.

superfranky2490d ago

true, also you get so much more to use
but for games you can get excellent Steam and dont buy your games on a physical disc anymore

GamersRulz2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

What you said is very wrong because in the end of the day it's all about GAMES.

also you talk like Current gen games are unplayable or very lacking in visuals where in fact they are holding its own compared to PC.

also your statement neglected all previous generations ( PC or Consoles ) and made them totally obsolete, its like newer PC games are better than anything before because of visuals only.

superfranky2490d ago

games are games and tend to get old very quickly
on pc they get old not that quickly because of the community and a that they are genuine better on pc
if you can play your games on pc with better community, better graphics and services like Steam, why bother with 6 year old console? Isnt it time to move forward, time is not going to repeat itself and you just dont get whats best for you

frostypants2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

You ignore the fact that the game pipeline for PCs is terrible. Unless you count indie and strategy games...which don't need all that horsepower anyway.

torchic2490d ago

I think in an opposite way. I will get tons of disagrees but honestly I don't understand why a person would trouble themselves and religiously upgrade their PC just to play a select few games with more stability and better graphics. I definitely do see the difference in performance between console and PC, and I would like to have that, but not at the costs (financial, time, comfort).

I remember the day I bought a PS3. I literally spent 5mins in the shop. got in, got the box, got an extra controller, went to pay. set the whole thing up in lesser time. you'll never hear a story like that in PC gaming. point I'm trying to make in general is that PC gaming is not convenient. and in 2011, things which are not convenient will not be successful. there was a great quote I heard the other day, and the dude said that Apple doesn't suffer as much piracy issues as other media with the App Store because it's just easier to buy the app off the App Store than to pirate it. I pay 70 euros for a PS3 game because it's just easier to buy the game or wait for a price drop, than to pirate it. you get the point.

I fully understand though that for some people upgrading PC's is a hobby, a passion. I used to have friends who were mad about RC cars and would spend thousands upgrading them, making them faster. but for those people who do it solely for gaming? I don't know. I honestly do not see the point.

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Fanbot2490d ago

no, min-spec is too high.

Perjoss2490d ago

no matter how hungry he looks, do not feed him!

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