PC Gaming: The Original & Best Platform

Now that the cloud of hype surrounding the next generation consoles is beginning to evaporate, the PC is making a comeback as a games machine. Trusted Reviews makes some powerful arguments that the PC has the best gaming hardware on the planet, and the best mix of software to make use of it. So Microsoft/Xbox 360 and Sony/PS3 fanboys beware: Trusted Reviews is here to tell you why the oldest gaming system is still the Daddy.

Stuart Andrews of Trusted Reviews argues why PC should be your gaming platform of choice in nine sections:
1. The Hardware Advantage - Crysis is only the beginning
2. Innovation - The most groundbreaking games and features start on the PC
3. Grown Up Gaming - A wider range of games than any console
4. Upgrade & Living Environment - The benefits
5. Some Caveats - Price and complexity
6. In Denial? Is PC gaming a niche and dying format?

Andrews then looks at five reasons to get into PC gaming or give your system an upgrade - five compelling games that are exclusively for the PC:
7. Crysis & Age of Conan - FPS and MMO
8. Empire: Total Wars & StarCraft II - Complex strategy and RTS
9. Left 4 Dead - Multiplayer and co-op; Valve's upcoming PC exclusive


Trusted Review has a separate guide for the consoles. See Alternative Sources.

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tonsoffun3924d ago


I would rather stick to the 4/5 year life cycle of consoles rather than have to constantly upgrade my PC every 6 months. I also would rather play straight away rather than all this insatalling and optimising nonesense.

wasted3923d ago

just cos u can't afford a good pc dosn't mean its bull, lol

led10903924d ago

misinformed soul u r a high end pc right now can last u for 3 years and plus installing games helps u to make mods....and what is the pc xlusive i'm hearing bout?????

Lord Cheese3924d ago

i gave up on pc gaming (apart from the odd RTS) a while ago - constantly upgrading components to eek out the odd extra frame per second on my shooters became far too expensive and tedious to be worth bothering with.

The fact is, modern games consoles are converging towards pc's anyway - they are providing more and more functionality out of the box, and being constantly subject to software upgrades.

To be honest, i'm not that concerned about the fact my laptop wont play crysis or games like that - the big console games of recent times have more than kept me happy.

Besides, PC gaming fanboys are worse than any console fanboys - at least console gamers aren't snobby as if they belong to some sort of intellectually superior race!

Tyrael3924d ago

Still waiting for (drum roll)....... DIABLO 3!!!!

Pain3924d ago

or a PS3 for $400 that plays 'GAMES' for few years.....hmmm

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The story is too old to be commented.