MediaKick Review: Dark Souls

MediaKick: "Are we all getting a bit soft or have games really become so easy that a chimpanzee could complete a level whilst eating a banana? It is a subject that has been debated furiously on both sides since Demon’s Souls arrived on the PlayStation 3 a few years ago. One side claims that the games of yesteryear were more challenging, often citing classics such as Mega Man and Contra as prime examples. Others say that the challenging games have still got a presence, with the likes of Devil May Cry 3 being notoriously tough. They’re both valid points, and in a sense they are both right. While challenging games are still around, you do have to sift through a pile of easier games in order to come across them. Demon’s Souls changed all of this by garnering a reputation for itself as being so tough it will make you cry. Spreading the love to Xbox 360 owners, Dark Souls is a spiritual sequel that promises such a brutal challenge that even the tag line rates your survival rate as nigh on...

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zerocrossing2457d ago

I got invaded by a black phantom at the bottom of Blight town the other day, though I managed to dispatch the world invader quick enough.

I then decided to enlist some help to fight the area boss, though it ended up being the same phantom I had cut down just moments ago, needless to say it was a awkward moment... We went on to take down the boss together with little effort! :D

Nevers2456d ago

Was it a chick wearing very little with a butcher's knife?

If so I did the same thing. That's an NPC black phantom.

I got invaded by a player the other night... he had the Ring of Fog so I couldn't target him and a flaming sword... I died.

<3 Dark Souls.

zerocrossing2456d ago

Ohh, I did'nt know that lol.

Same thing happened to me the other night in the Depths... I also died :/

Kyosuke_Sanada2456d ago

What really need to be watched out for is the phantoms that come in sheep's clothing. My roommate was playing Dark Souls just now and saw a white mark on the floor that appeared to be the name of an ally. Of course he accepted the name but instead of him appearing in front of him like usual the player spawned about 20 feet ahead and the words "You've been invaded by the party member!" appeared in the bottom. We were both like "What the hell!?" and of course he was killed in the process.

I can't wait for the patch to nerf the Ring Of Fog because that is being abused to death.

Nevers2456d ago

What exactly are they going to nerf about it? I haven't really kept up on potential updates to DS...

I want the ring, myself. Mainly so when an invader comes a knockin' I will be slippery to kill. I'm not much of an invader or a liar (meaning all my messages are true) in Dark Souls.

Kyosuke_Sanada2456d ago

=Slight spoilers=
In a previous thread I wrote, I was telling the experience of how it's being abused in the Forest Covenant invasion. Parties are being caught using low level hosts to draw phantoms through Alvina summoning them. The matchmaking is shoddy so they are making a killing and seeing that all of them have Ring of Fogs is pretty much discouraging new players from even staying in the faction. I myself got summoned to several worlds where this happen to me so I pretty much sold the the Covenant ring.