Report: Nintendo Bleeding Cash

Remember the days of Nintendo printing money? Those days are over, apparently. According to Japan's Nikkei, the Kyoto-based game maker is poised to post huge losses tomorrow.

Profits are supposedly down a staggering ¥100 billion ($1.3 billion), which is twice what Nintendo forecast.

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Squatch832369d ago

And here we go again...

Misterhbk2369d ago

Nintendo is doooooooomed lol<sarcasm>

Just kidding, that is a huge loss though. Guess the 3DS, even with the price cut, wasn't doing what they needed. And with very little software for the wii this kinda makes sense.

tiffac0082369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Ninty can do something about the hardware sales but the strong Yen over the Dollar... well that's a totally different thing altogether.

Ddouble2368d ago

The strong Yen wasn't hurting them during the Wii and DS's glory days but it is now since they are not selling as much as back then.

But what can you do, it's affecting a lot of Japanese companies not just Nintendo but wow at $1.2 Billion.
Nintendo's report is out tommorow so we'll see the real figures.