Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 Servers are now back online.

@XG247: After yesterday's news of the Xbox 360 servers for Battlefield 3 having a bit of a 'meltdown' - It would seem that people want to play the game online? Specifically on Xbox Live.

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Septic2337d ago

The game hasn't even been released here yet.

Why has Europe got this game last?! It was made here! Le Sigh...

The Meerkat2337d ago

Makes up for the Yanks showing up late for the last two world wars.

Urrakia342337d ago

And basically bailing out the Europeans' asses each time. ;)

BattleAxe2336d ago

Canada was there from the start of both Wars, we had to make sure it was safe for the Americans first.

Shackdaddy8362337d ago

Well, it's not like a couple of days is gonna hurt ya. You'll be fine :)

krazykombatant2337d ago

And people trolling and bitching for no reason game just came out...

kma2k2337d ago

to be honest i didnt even notice i spent last night playing single player.

Mutant-Spud2337d ago

Remember Bad Co 2?
If I recall correctly it took three days after launch to sort out their server issues. I remember I got the game on a Thursday (because in Australia most games, films, cd's etc release on Thurs), then couldn't play MP until the Sunday afternoon.