The Escapist: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

As a child of the early 80s, one of my favorite movies growing up was Top Gun. Besides teaching me some of my first swear words, much to my mother's chagrin, it also instilled a love for fighter planes in me. While bad eye sight and growth spurts -- most modern planes are not designed to accommodate pilots comfortably above 6' -- put aside my childhood dreams of becoming a pilot, I love to play flight games. From more realistic ones like Jane's Combat Simulations to the more fanatical like Descent or X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter. When I first saw the trailers for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, I was intrigued to see the developers trying something new with the series. The game deserves some kudos, but like a magic trick, once the secret is revealed it's going to lose some of its allure.

by Justin Clouse

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