Shank 2 dev details sequel's 360 degree shooting and online co-op

"TGL caught up with the creative director at Klei Entertainment on Shank 2, Jeff Agala, to talk about building on the success of the original Shank, the addition of online co-op in part 2 and ensuring the delivery of a game even more gruesome and gritty than the original."

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NukaCola2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Title sounds a bit misleading, it's 360 degree of shooting. This game is also on PS3 & PC(which yes the tags are there but tags arent always right so people dont go by them), not Xbox 360 exclusive. If you are going to post something, post the headline that comes in the article which is: TGL Interview: Klei Entertainment’s Jeff Agala Talks Shank 2

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