Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Countdown

TGH: "Well after yesterdays news of an impending GTA V release, Rockstar have now gone ahead and launched a page for the trailer. Now fans can sit at their computers and wait as when the countdown reaches zero everyone around the world will be have their first taste of GTAV."

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DeadManMcCarthy2371d ago

gonna be the longest week of my life.

Wintersun6162371d ago

Indeed. I'll be getting my copy of Uncharted 3 on the very same day too. Feels like an eternity.

DeadManMcCarthy2371d ago

yeah im just glad theres so many good games coming out next month like skyrim uncharted 3 etc, gonna keep me well entertained until gta v and max payne 3 releases.

Lirky2371d ago

id like to see new features. Visually itll be great but i hope theres original features added and more...

Finger-Eater2371d ago

It's not showing the day for this, anybody else?

Vip3r2371d ago

I'm guessing it'll be Vegas. But London would be a great new location.

Starfox8112370d ago

I can probably guess what the trailer will show. It'll be segways of the city with some sunset behind them, and maybe some sly shots of the character(s) you'll be playing as. Most likely will be some dub/dance music in the background that fits with the style and theme they are opting for in the game. Still... should be interesting!