Mick Foley And Macho Man Confirmed For WWE '12

If you read the latest issue of WWE magazine, it has confirmed that Mick Foley and the late great Macho Man Randy Savage are in WWE '12.

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Quagmire2485d ago

Who the hell are these people?

Bathyj2485d ago

Seriously? What are you, some kind of teenager? ;)

Ace_Man_62485d ago

Today's WWE audience I'm afraid :(

eak32485d ago

These are guys that were around when wrestling was good. Wrestling is shit since the end of the attitude era and the Monday night wars.

koehler832485d ago

He's stepping into a Slim Jim in the great beyond.

eak32485d ago

who's the asshole giving a disagree for RIP to the Macho Man