Nintendo to Post $1.3 billion Loss in their next Financial Report

GB : According to the analysts at Nikkei, Nintendo is poised to post a $1.3 billion loss or 100 billion Yen when it reveals its financials soon.

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NewMonday2374d ago

its not to late for them to re-think the Wii-U and at least give us a big graphical upgrade rather than tablet gimmick.

they should be the first of the next generation, not the last of this generation.

newleaf2374d ago

Yeah R&D for new consoles usually does this. Is anyone shocked?

princejb1342374d ago

thats the problem with releasing your console earlier, you don't know what they gonna come out with until there actually announced or released

but the controller gimmick looks very interesting i already have a few ideas for it

Captain Qwark 92374d ago

i disagree, im intrigued by the tablet design. if used correctly ( even though the wii rarely was ) it could def add alot to the gaming experience. i will buy the wii u when it drops despite the fact that i have played my wii for a total of about 40hrs in 4 years...

example: you no longer need any type of hud in a game, life bars and inventory management could all be done on the lcd which could really add to the immersion.

as long as devs think outside thte box, it could be awesome.

Taz Yamauchi2374d ago

With staf called Wii and Wii U how the hell can you expect to make profit, Nintendo managed to fool millions with the Wii now people have wisened up.
Just make a real Next Gen console Nintendo

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Optical_Matrix2374d ago

The Wii-U needs to be a beast capable of going neck and neck with the Next Box and PS4. That year or so with no competition will give Nintendo a foothold into the 8th Generation by securing publishing deals and getting ahead of with key 1st party title development on the system. They can't cut corners with Wii-U if they're posting losses like this. This can't be stuck in between generations like the Wii was.

Goeres2374d ago

In a way it's good actually. They have to really try and do their best now. No more rushed prodcuts or underperforming ones.

ECM0NEY2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

and hopefully they come back to the core.

It kinda serves them right turning coat and catering to the casuals.

I have a Nintendo tat and the Wii made me kinda regret it (but not really)

MasterCornholio2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Nintendo's needs to stop being arrogant and realize that they are not the only ones in the video games business. It they take Sony and Microsoft lightly they will get destroyed.

Hopefully Nintendo learns from their mistakes from the 3DS and turn the WiiU into a graphical monster for the core. Instead of another casual underperforming console.

In My harsh opinion.


Zir02374d ago

The casual crowd has no loyalty like the hardcore crowd once they get bored thats it. With portable gaming going to the smart phones and the Wii U looking to be another Gamecube its looking real bad for Nintendo. I have a feeling after the next generation is over they might have to go the way of Sega and be a software only company.

jony_dols2374d ago

Spot on.

The N64 sold less than 35 million units while the Gamecube sold a mere 21 million, Nintendo were on the verge of pulling out of the home console market and they took one last gamble with the Wii and lo and behold they managed to strike a gold with the casual market.

These consumers did not care about Nintendo's previous iterations or game franchises, because the Wii was underpowered yet innovative, & it became fashionable & trendy overnight, so people flocked to buy it.

The difference between the Wii & the Wii U, is that it isn't really that innovative, anyone who owns a tablet or even an old PSP (and used the remote play feature) can testify to this.

WooHooAlex2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Apparently Nintendo has over 13 billion dollars that they could choose to spend on acquisitions. They really should consider buying out someones mobile division and move forward with a Nintendo branded smart phone. That would be their best move right now in my opinion.

green2374d ago

You are spot on. I have been thinking about this since early last year. Why has nintendo not released a smartphone?

WooHooAlex2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Buy out someone like T-Mobile or BlackBerry, open a new studio dedicated to developing exclusive games for their phone, maybe have the phone preloaded with a F2P Pokemon game or something, that you can play on Facebook, then bring it with you on the go. Can you imagine the piles of cash they would rake in with something like that?

Nintendo seems kind of stubborn. The industry is going through a change right now. Sony and Microsoft seem to be more than prepared for it, I fear that Nintendo isn't tho.

supremacy2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

That sounds interesting only...Nintendo would need about 26 billion more dollars to match at&t's 39 billion dollar merger proposition and be prepare to pay an additional 3 billion to tmobile if a deal can never come to fruition.

Gaming companies are big, but carriers make tripple each hour a new activation is approved.

MS out of the 3 has a better shot at something like this and even they rather not bother.

What Nintendo needs is a new image, something more mature and create franchises that cater such audiences instead. Buy one of those firms that focuses on network and O.S infastructures and simply build a solid network to work across all its platforms.

Make an easy and development friendly devices, innovation is one thing. But its all about the games and if you are the only crafting tripple A ips for your platforms thats a problem.

But I mean, Nintendo despite of everything has been pretty successful in their own right. I suppose certain things arent meant to change, and so ill say only time will tell where they go from here.

evrfighter2374d ago

Isn't there a playstation phone and windows xbl phone already?

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C0MPUT3R2374d ago

Which wouldn't be that bad IMO.
Imagine Zelda on a real nexgen system. HOLY SHIT.

Megaton2374d ago

Nintendo wined and dined an audience that doesn't care about gaming. They wanted the latest fad. They bought it, had their fun, got bored with it, and now they're onto the next one. These are the consequences.


whats really scary is MS trying to almost follow in their footsteps with all this casual loving crap.

I think we all saw this coming, question is has MS seen this? Maybe this will get them to refocus a little bit more and think more about the hardcore fanbase who were the ones that supported them from the beginning.

it's strange, I mean I consider myself a gamer but I feel like I have outgrown Nintendo's style of gaming and they offer me nothing at all. MS seems to have been slowly edging towards that with all this kinect crap and killing off a lot of studios and relationships they had with dev's making them good exclusives to the point that they are left with a number I can count on one hand!

I hope this is a wake up call to both of them.

SDF Repellent2374d ago

"Killing off a lot of studios and relationships they had with dev's making them good exclusives to the point that they are left with a number I can count on one hand!"

WTF are you talking mumbling about. How are they killing off relationships with studios with adding Kinect? Last time I'd checked, all third party hardcore games are on X360 as well. Stop trolling. Mass effect 3 and the next Ghost Recon will incorporate Kinect in their games. UBI soft also stated all future Tom Clancy's games will incorporate Kinect as well. Does that sound like developers are giving up on Microsoft?

Captain Qwark 92374d ago

@SDF Repellent....

what dark witness said is spot on....

look at lionhead for example, fable became more casual with every sequel and you think ms had no say in that? or how about taking a dev like rare and making them focus on nothing but casual and avatars? how about destroying thier relationship with bungie? not trying to purchase bioware? closing ensemble studios? wasting an enormous amouont of time and money on connect when most of your audience are actual gamers and could give a rats ass about motion gaming? hell the avatars?

they spent sooooo much time and money on things trying to make the 360 a "family freindly console" and trying to steal the casual market from nintendo when they could have doen things like......

purchase bioware
let bungie make other games and return to halo when they need to, its fans arent going anywhere
let rare make killer instinct
find unknown studies, help them out financially and hoep fro some gems like batman, then purchase ( sony tactic )
focus on creating new ip's and more exclusives

DARK WITNESS2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

@ SDF Repellent

I think you have been sniffing too much repellent, lol.

lol, trolling... thats a record for me, been on this site a long time and I can honestly say I think that's a first for me. I am not saying I have fans that follow me or anything but I have always been a supporter of the xbox, I am not blind though and I call it as I see it.

Captain Qwark 9 summed up what I was going to add. If you cannot see the number of great exclusives MS had and how they have gone down the drain then I have to wonder where you have been the last few years?

let me see; one or two devs adding head movement in a game or having devs make great full on exclusive games, I know which I want for my 360.

MS had relationships with studios like Bizzar Creations (RIP) and had them making PGR (RIP), games like NG that use to be exclusive, the list goes on. MS let all that slip to SC could have kinect in it for what? we didn't ask for it..

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