Uncharted 3 Review -

MMGN writes: While many argue that the series is a ‘story first, gameplay second’ experience, its refined pacing helps blend the cutscenes into the gameplay sections perfectly, adding more weight and purpose to your actions than in any other game in the series. Uncharted 3 is still a cinematic experience, as it has been so widely critiqued as, but it’s hard to find why that’s a bad thing: with superb storytelling, likable characters, fantastic combat and solid platforming, it’s a genuine pleasure to guide Drake through the entertaining, albeit somewhat shallow, narrative. Uncharted 3 is a stunning world of cover-based gameplay, fueled by a tale that puts you in control of its chapters.

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KwietStorm2404d ago

I've actually never heard that argument before.

trouble_bubble2404d ago

So very tired of reading how linearity is a hamper. Open world games can just as easily hamper pacing and action, as is the case in Batman Arkham City. More to explore but also more to get bored with. Still can't trigger the next Deadshot mission and I've beaten the game. It's boring gliding over the Steel Mill for the 100th time hoping to trigger some story.

Open worlds = more backtracking over samey environments, while linear chapter based games can take you globetrotting with everchanging backdrops that keep the action flowing. Lets not confuse aimlessly walking around a bigger map with having more control or gameplay. Yeah Ezio can climb everything, but odds are you'll be buying those linear district maps anyways so that you don't have to.