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In case Uncharted 3 and all of the other multi-platform titles about to hit shelves for PS3 weren't enough for you, here's yet another high-scoring PlayStation 3 exclusive title to digest.

"Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, as the title eludes to, brings 4 player co-operative to the PS3's flagship platformer and -- unless Sony task another studio with the honours -- may be the last game we see from the series in a while as developer Insomniac Games venture out to try their luck with a new multi-platform game.

Nathan 'Nachos' Lawrence saw this one through to completion for AusGamers and unexpectedly came away with a smile, find out why in this review."

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NeverLetGo2456d ago

This game has GOTY written all over it.

aPerson2456d ago

It's a good game for sure, but I wouldn't call it GOTY material.

newleaf2456d ago

Must be invisible ink because I don't see it.